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    Phantom 4 - Survey Grade Mapping

    I am very interested in your method. How can I contact you? Or could you contact me at [email protected] ? thanks
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    dual GPS

    hello, I have been reading about the Phantom 4 having dual GPS capability. Dual GPS in the professional/survey field is intended as the capability to use both L1 and L2 frequencies (1575.42 & 1227.60 MHz). This results in sub meter position accuracy. The capability of using more positioning...
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    I am also interested in your RTK method. Can you give me more info? Thanks

    I am also interested in your RTK method. Can you give me more info? Thanks
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    Video has captured the moment a drone came within just three metres of a helicopter

    Sorry but here you are completely wrong. Any modern helicopter cruises at around 250 km/h and above. There is no way a windshield would survive a collision with a phantom at that speed. As a helicopter pilot I would say that there would be tangible chances to get very seriously hurt with...
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    Phantom 4 - Survey Grade Mapping

    as in every photogrammetry work you need to geo reference with ground points. Once you have them your view from above is perfectly oriented, so using the orthophoto or orthomosaic is it il called in photoscan, knowing the N is at the top you will be able to measure the azimuth with more than...
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    Bypass new GeoFencing.

    this seems to be the case on several instances. Which points to a bug somewhere in the geofencing system. DJI won't admit that and those who has suffered damages as a result of such malfunction are left on their own.
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    Heli Pad

    admittedly we still have to work on portability. other than that, our drone pad works just fine
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    Even if you switch to ATTI, the geofencing system will continue to work using the GPS information. The only way to prevent that to happen is to cover the top of the drone with a aluminum foil. The GPS antenna sits just below that and won't be able to catch any signal. That way you can fly in...
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. you were not in a NFZ. Not even near a NFZ. 2. you did nothing to bypass any NFZ message from DJI GO. It just disappeared by itself. 3. IF -not the case- you were in a NFZ the system should NOT have you let take off. This is how their system is supposed to work, preventing you from taking...
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    GPS tracker dangerous interference; caused mini crash

    been using the tk102 for a while now. Not on all flights, just on dangerous areas. I use a 3d printed holder which position in between the landing gear on the side. Never experienced any trouble, it works just fine. Of course if you use the magnet, the compass being in the ''leg'' of the drone...
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    hehe, won't be enough to stop a couple of rocket scientists here ranting about how their drones works differently and get new NFZ without any update....:( The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Scott Hamilton
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    DJI forum yesterday: Q: (not by me) Just wondering if the geofencing is handled via the firmware in the remote control and aircraft or in the dji go app? Thanks for any suggestions. A: by DJI-Ken - DJI Team GEO is part in the app and part in the aircraft firmware. Q: how are temporary NFZ...
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have been saying that from the very beginning, but others argue that it is done in a transparent mode, while flying, without update, which according to DJI is not happening. Anyway, the point here is that the drone of the OP went down because of a malfunction, no doubt. So I hope he can have...
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    Couldn't be any clearer to me. No update no geofencing file amendment. And the geofencing database fail resides in the drone, not in the app.
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    Phantom 4 CRASH PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thanks for the info. You actually know more and better than the DJI folks who explained to me how the their system work, stating clearly that there are NO TFR loaded on the fly through DJI GO. BTW, this would make the TFR system totally useless, as you can fly your drone with a wide range of...