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    Video Quality: Phantom vs Mini 3 Pro

    I am happy to say that I after learning the mini 3 pro well and learning how to properly color correct the D-Cinelike footage, the mini can do every bit as good as the phantom. All I was looking for was a smaller package that provided the same quality and I believe I have found that. Thanks...
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    Video Quality: Phantom vs Mini 3 Pro

    The mini also has a 1" sensor but lacks a mechanical shutter.
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    Video Quality: Phantom vs Mini 3 Pro

    So I just purchased a Mini 3 Pro and I took side by side video from Phantom and then the Mini 3 Pro. I kind of messed it up because I used D Cinelike on the Mini but I didn't use Dlog on Phantom. Or maybe for the comparison I should shoot both in Normal. Anyway, I was disappointed in the Mini...
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    SOLD: Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, CrystalSky 7.85” Screen, lots of extras $1650

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 with propellers and extra battery DJI Charging Hub with space for 3 batteries. DJI ND filters (4, 8, 16) Power Cord for charging hub, Remote, CrystalSky charging hub CyrstalSky (CS785) 7.85" screen with CrystalSky Remote Controller Mounting Bracket and screen...
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    Epoxy motor reinforcement mounts to repair stress cracks

    I like the idea of fiberglass. It is heavy so you would want to go lite but is it also strong too.
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    What is the best strategy for new batteries?

    When you use a DJI multi charger on storage mode, it charges or discharges to 50%. So I would say that is the best way to store them long term. Then charge to full right before use.
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    Phrankin Phantom

    That is sweet looking.
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    Decrypt any DJI flight log with Flight Reader

    Thanks for posting this.
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    Is This Dropped Frame(s)? Or Bad Piloting?

    I really think this is a jolt due to wind. Wind aloft is usually stronger than on the ground so sometimes it is hard to judge what your aircraft is having to deal with.
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    Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 Range is awful

    Aren't you overstating the unidirectional a bit? Surely the parabolic is not so perfect that you get a tight beam. Simple air dispersion would happen anyway, right? So I am saying it is not like ----------------------------- ----------------------------- more like...
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    Hitch in video when AC stops (filming perpendicular to flight)

    Thanks to all the responses. I'll try them all. No doubt one or more will solve my issue. Thanks again.
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    Hitch in video when AC stops (filming perpendicular to flight)

    I have a new Phantom 4 Pro 2.0. I am loving the images/video it puts out. To me, it is immediately recognizable as better image quality than my Mavic. One thing I would like to fix is that if I am videoing perpendicular to my flight, the image has a hitch when the AC comes to a stop. It...
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    DJI Goggles limit the distance

    Yes, helped but what about using other apps like Litchi? Does using Litchi as a client remove the restriction?
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    P4P v2.0 & DJI Goggles VS. P4P & DJI Googles

    I have a mavic pro with DJI goolges now. I like the googles mainly because I can see well using them in bright daylight where a phone/pad mounted on the controller washes out. My Dilemma is that getting the new v2 will be considerably more $ than getting one of the many many used 1.0's for...