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    WTB: Phantom P3 Adv or Pro Camera/Gimbal

    I should be hearing form DJI service soon on what they can do to repair my camera/gimbal. Once i know, i'll be able to make moves on a purchase or not from third party. What happened to the gimbal to cause the broke ribbon cable?
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    WTB: Phantom P3 Adv or Pro Camera/Gimbal

    Hey Everyone... I have a P3 Adv that took a spill a few months ago. I've replaced the Aircraft already but the gimbal/camera has jitters and digital artifacts. Looking to buy a new or "like new" Gimbal/Camera for the P3 Adv or Pro. Located in VA, USA. Let me know what you have for sell...
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    P3 4k Camera pics for sale

    are you selling the components separately or as a package? looking for a replacement camera/gimbal for my P3.