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    Mavic 2 Enterprise self-heating batteries

    Pair of M2E self heating batteries NIB. 140 USD per unit or 260 for both. Shipping included To the lower 48, elsewhere buyer will pay shipping. Paypal only. Or picked up in DFW, TX cash. Thanks.
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    Phantom 4 models officially discontinued

    I noticed that the OSMO pocket has been pulled from a lot of retailers shelves also, and is only available for online order. There was a huge run of units that went dead past the point of recharge in the case due to a gimbal power issue. I really think DJI keeps putting the cart before the horse...
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    Phantom 4 models officially discontinued

    Paul, I finally bit the bullet and sent my V2.0 in two weeks ago. DJI’s initial analysis was “no error found”. They called to tell me this. I explained the issues that a few members here found in the flight data (mainly with regard to magYAW and YAW separation that was unexplainable, causing...
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    Phantom 4 Pro V2 Fell out of the sky...

    @sar104 @BudWalker As an update, this unit is currently at DJI for assesment. DJI refuses to recognize the problem, and tells me “everything is normal”. They called yesterday and I gave your guys’ explanation of the issue from the logs. They sent an email today, again, saying no issue. The...
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    Attention: We will have to EXTERNALLY mark all aircraft with Reg #

    Someone really had me convinced over a year ago that this was the deal and ive been telling any new drone friends ever since to mark em up. Preparation doesnt hurt, I guess I did well. Edit: P.S. I always put little American Flag stickers next to my reg numbers so friendlies can identify me...
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    Production of all P4P discontinued is there a P5 coming?

    P4 VR 2.0 Slow Drifting in Hover, etc. P4 VR 2.0 Slow Drifting in Hover, etc. A few users here say their V2.0 is great. An equal or greater number of users in the link provided have issues with stability and would disagree. Ive sent the unit to DJI to see if they can remedy a long-standing...
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    Phantom 4 Pro V2 Fell out of the sky...

    I did report that it was flawless, the first few flights didnt show issue. But i started to notice the drift before my first FW update. My bird is worthless for video, photos take a lot of playing with it to get a good shot at low shutter speed (sunrises, sunsets; the whole point I ought the drone)
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    Production of all P4P discontinued is there a P5 coming?

    Thats good for you. However, many other users continue to be plagued by it, while DJI is still strangely silent on the issue.
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    Production of all P4P discontinued is there a P5 coming?

    The last Phantom was a piece of flaming turd; that probably didnt help sales, or production. The V2.0 is crap, ive completely given up on it. Cant fly a straight line, or sit still. They need to fix the flight controller before they keep trying to release more BS features.
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    This dog killed my P4P in 3 seconds.

    I also have a Shepherd and she seems to share your dog’s opinion. The only thing that really gets a rise out of her is startup noise, she goes and sniffs twice and lays back down.
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    Hello from Tarpon Springs

    Welcome! I was just in Tarpon Springs right before New Years! Beautiful place, great Greek food.
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    Is a little moisture bad?

    I was in Florida over the Holiday. I flew out over the Gulf from Hudson, FL about a quarter mile. Since it is Florida, a freak rain shower is never out of the question. I was minding my own business taking pictures of wakes, and then WHAM!! INSTANT DOWNPOUR. So i flip in S-mode and come in on...
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    Standard Gps

    If I see “Ready to Go” then im good with it. Ive flown with as many as 16 and as little as 7 with no difference in performance whatsoever. 9 is great.
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    Phantom 4 Pro V2 Fell out of the sky...

    I really think you are onto something there. Im going to go out and do a flight in T mode and see how the uncommanded yaw is physically affected, and then post the dat file