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    New drone law coming to Belgium for the end of this year

    Registration in Ireland next week. Over one kilo only. Ireland to be first in Europe to have drone register
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    You should have allowed the police to charge them with theft. It possibly isn't the only criminal act they were involved in and a search of their appartment might have turned up other stolen items.
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    Taking High Res Photos with P3P

    They should look reasonably OK at that size when viewed from a normal distance. In the early days of digital photography a local supermarket made window posters using an A0 printer with product photographs taken with a 640k camera. Up close the posters seemed very unsharp but...
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    Advanced P3 crazy out of control and crashed

    Are there any strong radio signals in the area? It might be significant that the problem occurred when well clear of buildings and or trees. Have you always flown in the same location?
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    what is the best tablet for my new p3p

    Any of the newer tablets with high performance, low wattage chips should be OK. I have stopped using my Nexus 7 because it consistently crashes the pilot app. I presume that it is caused by overheating. Size and weight is another issue, the larger tablets are easier to read but need...
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    Tablets and phones that work well with DJI GO

    I have replaced my Nexus 7 with a Chuwi 10.1". The the pilot app was crashing on the Nexus 7 after several minutes and was effectively unusable. The problem seems to have been CPU temperature. The Chuwi handles the app well and has twice the image size which makes reading easier...
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    The Giants Causeway - Northern Ireland

    Interesting video. It gives quite a different impression of the site compared to publicity photographs.
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    Phantom 3 Professional sudden flip and crash (FlightRecord vid p.2, LogData .csv p.3)

    Isn't it just a case of losing position sensing due to VPS being turned off and poor GPS altitude sensing?
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    R.I.P to the P3P That Used to Be

    He could invest in a sun hood for his phone, it might allow him to see trees and water approaching.
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    Advanced Issues with P3A Camera & Gimbal :(

    One way you can get a gimbal overload message is when the camera touches grass before takeoff, The camera is very close to the ground and it doesn't take much to upset it.
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    First Flight...Can't Wait for Tomorrow

    You certainly have had an action packed start. Even if it seems to be flying OK with the new props you should hover close to the ground for the next flight or two because there could be motor failure.
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    Crashed phantom over $1000? Really?

    It is the last bidder no 25 that put it into a crazy price range but there must have been a second person. The highest bidder has bid on 521 items in 30 days, mostly in the more expensive categories. Similarly the price of P2s have held up on ebay, there are even a few over $2000.
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    'Smash a drone out of the sky'

    Well they can't really lose. If no one hits it they don't even have to stump up the tenner and if someone hits it at a distance they have a potential new fielder.
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    'Smash a drone out of the sky'

    The last of the big spenders, all of £10 prize money.
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    What Tablet Are You Using, and Are You Happy?

    I have a Nexus 7 ll as well. Bought used for £75 on ebay. The pilot app crashes consistently at about eight minutes. The image is hard to see outside, even with a sunshade. The app only crashes when flying, not on the ground with video on, so it seems related in some way to flight...