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    Fraud Warning

    Please beware. I bought this product because I have 10 old Phantom 4 batteries that are very old and/or damaged. I wanted a safe way to discharge them to 0%. I followed the directions on the product and with in 15 minutes, the product started to melt. I've included some photos.
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    Lake Powell droning?

    It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (9 December 1906 – 1 January 1992) If the picture or video is worth the fine, I'd gladly pay the fine.
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    It took 2 minutes and 40 sec. to initiate RTH.

    I was stubbornly an Android fan with a few Samsung products for years and refused to pay what I perceived as an excessive amount for an Apple product. I was WRONG. I switched to an iPad Pro two years ago and I am a very happy camper. The extra money spent was well worth it. Both DJI Go 4 and...
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    Phantom 4 Pro + Dropped from the sky

    While it is rare, they do malfunction from time to time. I’ve been flying DJI products since the Phantom 2. I own three P3 Pros, and three Phantom 4 pros and this is the first time that any of my Phantoms have dropped out of the sky. I calibrated the P4, took off straight up, ascended to about...
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    Where to Fly

    Taken from DJI no fly zone map. Hope this helps.
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    P4 Pro V2.0 ... Is it totally discontinued?

    It really is a shame that DJI discontinued the best product, for the price, that they ever made. I have two Phantom 4 Pros, and 1 Phantom 4. I also have 2 Phantom 3s. I started with the Phantom 2. Has DJI given reason for discontinuing the Phantom 4 line? Does anyone know if DJI will continue...
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    Close Encounter With A Helicopter!

    He was just flying low over the lake. Here are the coordinates. 30.385032, -95.599226
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    Close Encounter With A Helicopter!

    I had a close call with a light plane. He was flying very low.
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    Flying in fog: No need to panic

    Really? After reading such a great story, all you could think of to contribute is “Fog is never dry”. It never ceases to amaze me how someone always finds something negative to say about even the most innocent story. No law was broken here. No one was hurt. It’s a shame that no matter what the...
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    Endangering wildlife

    As I said before, where is your proof. Just because you say that a drone upset the bears, does not make it so. Perspective is everything. Unless you were there when the video was made, you do not know how far away the camera was from the animals. You do not know if the camera was down-wind...
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    Endangering wildlife

    It always amazes me the see the number of experts that are so sure that they can determine so much by viewing a video posted online. It is extremely difficult to judge the distance from which this video was shot. How does one know that the bears were disturbed in any way? It is very easy to...
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    Endangering wildlife

    Where is the proof that this was shot with a recreational drone? Notice at the end the remarkably good zoom. What recreational drone has that? Of course we should respect wildlife. But perhaps this was a helicopter that shot the video from miles away. Where's the proof?
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    Another close call at 2500+ feet

    This must have been a fairly large drone for the pilot to even see it. Does not sound like a recreational drone, maybe a military drone?
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    Invasion of Privacy

    Instead of being afraid of drones peeking into our windows at 4am, we should be afraid of the media airing unconfirmed and unsubstantiated stories that panic the uninformed public. If these reporters would do their jobs, they would discover that recreational drone cameras are all but useless at...
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    How do you respond to angry people that think you are breaking the law by harmlessly flying?

    I been flying for more the 5 years and have been approached dozens of times. The first thing that I do, without saying a word, is walk up to the person and show them my IPAD pro screen, live. Then I say, “Doesn’t that video look good?”. That tactic, for me, has disarmed 99% of the people who...