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    Channel X1 Disappeared (gimbal control)

    My Phantom Vision 2 was faulty and I after coming back from DJI repair, the X1 channel doesn't show up on the DJI Phantom Assistant Software. It's the channel that you control the gimbal with the lever. The gimbal is working through the APP, but I'd like to have it through the controller. Have...
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    Can't get comunication between my P2 and the Remote Control

    Re: Can't get comunication between my P2 and the Remote Cont My P2V fell of the sky right after I bought it. I took it back to DJI and they didn't fix it under warranty, saying that i was responsible for the crash. After fixing it, I flew less than 10 times and started to have problems with the...
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    P2V rear view in the distance

    Dear ChesterT, I really don´t think there´s much to do regarding having the Phantom coloured with stickers, paints or lights. When it´s far away and you don´t know it´s orientation it means you are flying beyond your confort/experience zone. I remember this from old R/C aircrafts I had and I...
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    Question - Automatic flight mode change

    I have a question for the more experienced pilots. What happens if you take off on GPS mode and the PV2 for some reason looses its satellite lock? Will it enter ATT mode? This could be an answer to PV2 crash/suicide. (edit)
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    Blackhawk Down/Phantom Vision Crash

    I wrote email to DJI on Thursday 27 November , until now no news, no email. Still waiting :roll: I sent email to my dealer who promptly said that warranty doesn´t cover crashes. I then pointed out that it wasn´t my fault, that I had gone through all the care before take off. He...
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    Blackhawk Down/Phantom Vision Crash

    My pv2 had all the firmware up to date and still went crazy and comitted suicide. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4171
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    3/5 Updated Autopilot firmware v3.12 released

    Re: Upgrade your firmware B4 you fly your new Phantom Vision My PV2 was updated to the latest firmware when it just went crazy and crashed. I think my crash has something to do relating to lost GPS signal or messed compass.
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    % of owners with issues

    I'm currently battling with the DJI support and my dealer regarding my PV2. I had it for a week with marvelous flights. Didn't have any battery problems but I did have some recurrent problem regarding compass calibration. Had to use the magnet trick to get it to calibrate. The next day after...
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    Batteries in Stock

    Where have you bought it?
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    PV takeoff and Landing.

    When landing did you execute the CSC? or just pull the throttle lever down until the motors turn off? The CSC has been reported as a bad way to turning off the motors when landing, making the PV2 tip over.
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    Wise to buy?

    Id love to here any other details on this crash as possible. How bad was the your phantom damaged?
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    Wise to buy?

    Check my post on my PV2 suicide. It just went crazy and I have no idea what went wrong. I really wish it was my mistake so I could just learn from it. Now I'm thinking between having it fixed and stick with dji or sell the parts and go with something else. It's been perfect all flights I had...
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    Are there any parts for the Vision out there?

    Hey! Do you have any pv2 parts in stock? If not, how fast could you get them? I live in Brazil and I have a friend returning from the US this week. Could you be able to get parts delivered by the 29th? I need an ESC, 4 spare proppelers and maybe an motor The camera support where the gimbal...
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    Phantom Vision 2 Suicide

    I'm currently recovering from my loss. It's been a week since I bought my Vision 2 and I've had lots of fun with it until today it just went crazy and crashed. I'm posting here to bring attention to other fellow PV2 owners and to try to understand what went wrong. I have a few theories I'd like...
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    phantom vision parts?

    2 things, there are two cables connecting the camera to the phantom. A small cable between the camera and the drone between the support plates. This is the servo wiring that makes the camera tilt. The cable that we were talking befor has 4 wires, and the pin that connects to the camera has 4...