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    Are quieter props available for P4?

    Hot off the press discussion. I'm not sure why they would be any less quiet on a P4P as opposed to the P4P-V2. Any engineering types here care to comment?
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    Fix Extreme Camera Gimbal Vibrations in Post Prod

    This will be the nuclear option reply of the thread but I did have a similar issue that involved removing the gimbal to correct it. There is a ribbon cable that comes up and out of the camera support arm and it had made contact with a piece of tape that was placed across the mounting frame of...
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    You gotta rely on the tech....

    Yeah I’m confused here as well. If you lost RC link (red LED on RC) and your failsafe is RTH it should always return home unless critical battery landing correct?
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    Solved P4P Minor Gimbal Issues

    My P4P just turned 1 and I have noticed a few (well reported) gimbal issues showing up and therefore decided why not have a look around. Issue 1: Camera slightly off angle to left when flying straight. Issue 2: Minor vibration / rolling shutter in video during windy conditions or banked turns...
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    P4P SS3-WM331A1704 GSM Band?

    Thanks Shammyh, I didn't consider the ground station 900 but that makes perfect sense. Got way too excited about the prospect of flying a P4 over a cellular link (regardless of how well that might work if actually implemented).
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    P4P SS3-WM331A1704 GSM Band?

    I just noticed that a modification to the P4P FCC specs was posted on 6/5/17 which shows something broadcasting at 13.6mW in what I believe might be GSM spectrum of 915.938 - 925.738 MHz. Hopefully this has some very cool implications. FCC ID SS3-WM331A1704 Phantom 4 Pro by SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY...
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    Dead battery

    I agree with the thinking so far that: if in question, it should go back immediately. Seriously, just think of the energy needed to fly.. say 3 miles out over a lake (could you throw 3 pounds that far?) and thats not even half of what its got fully charged.
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    Phantom 3 Standard Discontinued?

    Thanks msinger, if thats true please feel free to remove the post so there's no confusion.
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    Phantom 3 Standard Discontinued?

    Anyone else noticed that the P3S is starting to disappear? It's not available for purchase on the Best Buy site nor do I see it in most stores any longer. A P4S imminent maybe (I hope).
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    Phantom 4 $849 shipped on Amazon

    Debatable Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Phantom 4 $849 shipped on Amazon

    Best Buy is matching just picked one up. Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Phantom 4 Black Edition

    They didn't say since I guess it did not come up in the computer other than the date for when it was available for sale.
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    Phantom 4 Black Edition

    It was a B revision of the standard P4, I could not get a picture unfortunately because they rushed it off when they realized what happened. Yes, all black in color other than the front name plate, lower gimbal and camera. Unsure about the controller.
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    Phantom 4 Black Edition

    FYI.. I found a P4 placed on the shelves by mistake at a Best Buy that was clearly a Black Edition (frame, motors, props, battery..etc). I tried to buy it and the manager got angry that someone brought it out of hiding and told me sorry and to come back on 12/4/16.
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    Flying Through a Giant Water Pipe

    Set your fail safe to hover or land (pros and cons to both) but definitely not RTH. I have to ask out of curiosity where is this thing? Is it connected to a reservoir?