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    Unofficial DJI Vision App for Epson Moverio BT-200

    Thanks CloudsNeverDie, this looks very good. I am newish to FPV but have bought the BT200 as I believe its the best way to experience FPV, can you be so good and explain "Side-load" please
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    Thanks for the reply, busy all we so unable to meet. have you seen the £19.99 P2V and (+)...

    Thanks for the reply, busy all we so unable to meet. have you seen the £19.99 P2V and (+) batteries on Amazon?
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    Worksop close enough
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    Can the PV2+ be upgraded to take GOLNASS

    Thanks for the reply's guys. @Maco79, I have done the foil mod to cover the GPS unit
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    Can the PV2+ be upgraded to take GOLNASS

    I some times struggle to get a good GPS lock and even so it can drop one or two when videoing (mod done) is there a GPS upgrade that will include GLONASS as well as it would more than double the Sat count
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    My phantom does not take off

    had a similar issue a few weeks ago, advanced calibration seemed to sort it out, took a few attempts to calibrate successfully but it worked. I think the software upgrade was part of the issue (3.12) but all works very well now
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    Solid red LED

    Yes and just does again, now flies thanks but not able to lock into GPS but this app says count is low anyway for where I live just done a 15 minute low level flight in effectively Atti mode and all seems well
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    Solid red LED

    Rear LED'S, oops should have mentioned this
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    Solid red LED

    Guys, have read about this and says error, calibrate, get error 27 (seen here before) props did start but only had 5 GPS locks so did not fly. tried in a better area later had 8 GPS locks but still solid red LED so props wont start, now I did have a small crash 3 weeks ago but have flown ok...
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    Firmware 3.12 warning. Do not update!

    I live in the UK, did the upgrade and am now struggling to get mote than 6 GPS signals, I am in the same area where I always manged to get 10 or even 12 previously, after the upgrade carried out all cals and got error 29 (temp), have done the GPS mod some time ago and had no previous problems...
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    Missed it ?

    Maybe the picture quality but looks like the wires have been trapped / crushed by the white plastic guides
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    Anyone here going to get a Inspire 1?

    got my Phantom2 Vision+ in September, no way will my good lady wife let me have the inspire.
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    Bang!!! Lost my gimbal :( Help needed!!!

    Always take care when trying a "faulty" component on a good unit, get it wrong and the fault can carry over, My previous experience shows putting a good component onto a faulty unit is more risky than trying a bad component on a good unit.
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    Idiots in the UK endangering civil aircraft

    These prats will get drones banned, bunch of idiots ... d=webmail1 They show a DJI phantom but clever money is on another type, I thought DJI's would not fly close to airports.
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    Moverio DJI app released

    cheers guys, views appreciated.