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    Castles and Forts of Spain - Belmonte Castle in Cuenca

    Great editing. Really well done views of a beautiful location.
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    Black Bear (first one I've ever seen)

    Respectful of you to not go in for a closeup. Nice video.
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    post here if you're hobbyist & been fined for flying drone

    Because some of us like coffee and may even appreciate some advice that could keep us happily flying without having to keep looking over our shoulders for an official with a citation pad.
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    P4P flight in a Nor'easter Snowstorm

    The straight down views of the bare trees are pretty neat.
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    Will you put any sort of guard around the camera to keep it from getting lodged in tree branches?
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    Great Experience with DJI repair shop

    Makes sense. Thanks.
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    Great Experience with DJI repair shop

    That's great service! Out of curiosity, did you have to re-register it because of the new serial number?
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    Hello from NE Ohio!

    Thanks! I'm already taking their course and it is thorough.
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    Hello from NE Ohio!

    Thanks, I think I'll enjoy it here. 100% newbie to drones so searching and asking will take place!
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    Hello from NE Ohio!

    Hi All. I'm a retired guy in the Uniontown/Hartville area of Ohio. Just traded a dslr for a p4p v2 and am looking forward to taking the Part 107 test sometime soon. My first drone so I'm looking for places to fly and buddies to fly with in my area.