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    Recreational drone now illegal in most of Canada...

    okay you can't fly higher than 90 meters but you can't be within 75 mete okay... you can't fly higher than 90 meters but you have to be at least 150 meters away from just about everything... how does that make sense?
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    Crashed my Phantom 4....need advice

    that's a lot for a motor (even with installation)... :(
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    The Phantom 4 Pro

    why the T-P tag? surely don't get that... :(
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    Bought a P4 for $1249.00 Good deal?

    I just bought a P4 for US$1,249.00 included 16G SD card, two sets of props, two extra batteries (3 total) and a charging hub. did i get a good deal? thanks dave (who just saw a P4 Pro for $1499)
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    Phantom 4 Pro

    check that: Obstacle Avoidance in *4* directions
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    Airline Travel with Drones?

    just flew United from US to Mexico with a P4 (plus two extra batteries) as carry on. no problems...
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    Ways To Make Money With Your Drone

    yes! i have done a couple of courses here in return for free golf... :)
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    Ways To Make Money With Your Drone

    i have done a wedding. the problem is that for most of the ceremony a drone is too loud. incidentally, it was a seaside wedding and the bride and groom took a ride in a dune buggy up and down the beach. the drone was great for filming that segment...
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    Any drone flyers in Mexico?

    I am trying to find out what is required as far as permits/licenses to fly a drone in Mexico. I have heard that all drones must be registered regardless whether they're being flown commercially or recreationally. Does anyone know a source for relevant info? Thank you. Dave
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    Can't connect to camera... :(

    **** :( 26 views and only one reply... i need help... :(
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    Can't connect to camera... :(

    i have a P2V+ with standard set up (no mods). i should preface this by saying that i was using a battery that i know is faulty. it goes into critical battery mode at around 50-60% and wants to auto-land. that's what happened yesterday when i was flying and got the critical battery warning and...
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    Free DJI Pilot Training - yeah, right!

    get an email from DJI dated Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 7:35 AM at 8:45 AM i follow the link for 'free pilot training - find an event near you' turns out there is only space for 60 people at each event and only 24 events worldwide and, as expected, registration is now closed in all (except Kuwait...
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    woman snapped sunbaking in g-string by real estate drone

    Actually, he says it requires two certificates not operators: "Any camera drone over two kgs requires both the controller — as the pilot — to have a controllers certificate and the organisation to have an operators certificate."
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    Better Use for CH7??

    I agree that you might consider something for a $10,000 set up. however, i don't think this provides anywhere nearly enough protection for the buck. the 120 costs $1,500.00! it is very big so will seriously impact flight time and, as seen in the video, does not offer a "soft" landing. for the...
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    Better Use for CH7??

    just watched some of the videos available on their web site (hope they make better parachutes than vids). in this one (and most of them) it is hard to see the landing but the rate of descent is considerable. in the last one I watched there appeared to be some...