Tattoos. Airbrush. General art self made self employed anything that flies with a controler junkie. Has a habit of picking up things that are broken and beat up and turning them into beautiful one of a kind custom built man I wish I had one like that kinda things. I tinker I mod I build I fix im not afraid to tear into something and try to fix it even if I don't t know how. Give me access to information and its a high chance I'll figure it out . Onky thing that ever stops me is money. I'm stubborn and do stuff like hold on to laptops and things for years simply because whatever it is is a challenge and it isn't about its worth,its about i know ill figure it out and will keep trying as new tools and methods appear. I have a laptop I bought because owner locked it up with a bios password and later bought a new one but couldn't remember the old ones password. When he yanked the drive. Gave it away. I got it and after 4 years of trying every 4-6 months to unlock it I nailed. That sucker and keep it running kali linux to this day as a kind of trophy. I'm here cause I'm An owner of a p4 and a mini 2.
California 707