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    any one having problems with their controller.

    I think you should look for the cause in your iPad Air 2 (version 2014). It seems that there is a compatibility issue. My advice is to log out of your iPad Air 2 at DJI and log in again after restarting your tablet.
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    litchi hub questions

    There is a very simple explanation. The Litchi Mission Hub uses the location that is offered by your internet provider. Often that is the location where you actually enter the 'world wide web'. Your internet connection goes to a so-called central meeting point and from there you go onto the...
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    My P3 SE telemetry signal is off and on...the drone still flys ok !

    Keep the story alive en tell us (me) what your solution was. ;)
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    Hyperlapse stabilization

    Have you tried the new stabilizer from Pixel Film Studio's? It seems it is pretty good for FCPX and it is supplied for less than $30. Otherwise you will end up with Coremelt's Lock & Load (but don't look at the price).
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    Quick compass question – when calibrating.

    About a year ago I had a similar incident in a port city in France. Otherwise my drone always flies reasonably stable, but on this particular day I received similar notifications and switched the drone to ATI mode. The only thing I could think of afterwards was that the drone is sensitive to the...
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    DJI Go download

    Or an account issue. I advise you to log out of your Apple account and log in again.
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    Phantom 3SE modification tool.

    Hi, I found this tool. A batch file which makes the Phantom 3SE modding process more user friendly: GitHub
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    A bit of a dilemma..

    I have experienced something similar. The recipient claimed that the box (with contents) was empty.
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    Mavic Mini Photos

    According to my sources it is not yet certain that it is a 'Mavic Mini'. There is also talk of a 'Spark 2' version. We will probably know more on 13 August (unless that is another introduction to such a silly toy).
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    Salisbury Beach Mass. ? Can I Fly my Drone

    When I follow DJI then... its not a problem.
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    Firmware uptade...

    Firmware update is absolutely not necessary. It gives more problems than benefits. Read this topic for more information:
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    No fpv after crash

    Your antenna cable is also broken. Check it in one of the legs.
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    Using rainx on drone as water repellent

    That's correct. Plastic is already water-repellent. When using RainX it can happen that your drone gets wetter than usual. See also plastic in a dishwasher. It always comes out wet.
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    Gain much upgrading to P4?

    Is transmitting power not the key to success? The 5.8 frequency is very sensitive to obstacles.
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    Where to publish your footage.

    For what it's worth: Best Drone Videos - Lemon Drone (?)