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  1. Salisbury Cathedral.JPG

    Salisbury Cathedral.JPG

    Salisbury Cathedral from out hotel garden. When you walk past the Cathedral there are little "No Drone" signs so I couldn't get too close. You might recall Salisbury is where the Russians poisoned the Skripals and other local people then said they were only tourists visiting the tallest Cathedral :D
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    Anybody on Instagram ? : Place only links here

    Hi Pleased to share my Instagram account here, and would appreciate any comments and follows :) Chris Hornby (@anglia_aviation) • Instagram photos and videos many thanks Chris
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    New Control software " Hammer" anyone?

    Hi Guys, Firstly apologies, I hadn't seen any alerts so I wasn't aware that my post had generated such a great discussion!. I hadn't intended to post and run :) As I said I haven't tried the Hammer software yet, they are releasing updates on a regular basis so I am tempted to try it but I have...
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    New Control software " Hammer" anyone?

    Hi Has anyone heard of or used Hammer from ? I had an email from them offering a beta testing, and have installed in on an iPad (IO only) but haven't actually flown with it yet Just wondered if anyone else has?? Thanks Chris
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    Hi from UK near Cambridge

    Hi I'm Chris, I've had the P4P for 6 months and gained the CAA PfCO (licence) in August. I have started a sideline business as a commercial drone pilot and looking for opportunities in the East of England. I have been following these forums for a while and decided I really should join in, I'm...