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    Do You Think That the FAA Rules are Ridiculous?

    As a private pilot I found the test to be a cake walk. The information required is beneficial to all airmen, both drone pilots and airplane pilots alike.
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    Newbie "stupid" question about screen size

    First off all you should never do a playback from the SD card. Download the video onto your hard drive then play it back. It will be much smoother and flicker free. And, too, playing back video from the card will often corrupt the file.
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    Will drones be illegal/banned in the near future?

    Thank you and I have checked AMA and MAAC provisions. Guess What? There are no exceptions. They have to be licensed as well to legally fly because the new law that went into effect June Ist states all operators shall be licensed, even under Basic. The problem for Americans vacationing in...
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    Will drones be illegal/banned in the near future?

    Maybe for you but for an American it is not. We cannot fly in your country at all without bending over backwards. On the other hand, you are free to fly in our country as we recognise your Canadian authority. This is quite lopsided.
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    American Taboo in Canada

    Probably not.
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    Will drones be illegal/banned in the near future?

    June 1st of 2019 Canada made it illegal to fly a drone of more than a half pound without a license, even recreationally. Every operator must take a written exam of at least 35 questions and pass 65% for hobby and 95% for any other operation. The cost is $10 and can be taken online if you are a...
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    American Taboo in Canada

    June 1, 2019 Canada changed their drone laws. Unlike Americans not needing to be licensed to fly recreationally, recreational pilots are required to be licensed in Canada now. This entails taking a written test of thirty five questions with a ninety minute time limit. Sixty five percent...
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    HAWK attack

    Click on the link.
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    HAWK attack

    They are a problem in my area, especially the red tail chicken hawks. They are predominate in my area and are constantly attacking my drones. It has made me a more proficient pilot.
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    FAA rules that make no sense. Post your opinion.

    The problem is you can be cited by the local authorities and judged by them. All your neighbor has to do is call the cops and complain you are spying on them, or, you are flying in airspace deemed legal by the Feds but not by the municipality. Legally this situation is a mess and getting...
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    FAA rules that make no sense. Post your opinion.

    Doesn't make any difference what laws the FAA is making. The States, Counties and local municipalities are making their own drone laws. It's a mess alright. Soon it will be illegal for a hobbiest to fly a drone, period!
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    Please read. Threatened while flying my drone!

    I have the same problem with one of my neighbors. He's all but threatened me, too. Haven't called the cops yet. There's just too much unclarity of the laws by everyone, including the police. You don't know what the outcome will be even if you're in the right. I just fly in the opposite...
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    Drone Paranoia

    Yesterday I was flying my Phanton 3 Advanced from my back yard with the intent to take a few pictures of my house power line over the property right-of-way. Seems my adjacent neighbor's tree has grown over the power line and is pulling so hard the wires are tilting my power pole and popping the...
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    Lost connection, crash, lost drone.

    If only the battery was found it is likely it was not inserted fully. This could also account for loss of power and consequently the crash. The latching system on the battery to drone is pretty fool proof unless the battery is not fully inserted... Have you considered the drone could be...