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    P3P Gimbal wheel not responding

    Wow, this is really helpful for me, didn't know about this. Thank you for sharing.
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    RC Rubber pads sticky stuff

    Thank you, found it on Amazon.
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    RC Rubber pads sticky stuff

    I had used hot glue as well and doesn't work. Also tried different double side tape which didn't hold. Will be happy to see what other guys use.
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    Hello from Northern California

    I'm in Livermore, California.
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    Strong magnetic interference message

    Are you getting this message compass noise too high dji? I tried using a magnet next to the compass for a moment and got it to work after that.
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    Bridges are soo fun!

    Subbe in Youtube #86, fly safe
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    I recorded this at 4K at 60fps but I have never been able to watch it.

    Just....... Outstanding! Wow nice footage.
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    Drone in Trouble

    Someone upthere was looking over you. Glad you made it safely.
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    New Pilot

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    P3 pro antenna position on aircraft

    On my Phantom 3 professional mod to Phanvic the antennas are horizontal and they work the same as regular Phantom with vertical positioning.
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    Freak near miss

    Wow, close call.
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    Flashing green light on Pro

    I believe they are talking about coding and programming, maybe. :)
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    Looking for Phavic pilots!

    Why not?
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    Looking for Phavic pilots!

    Share all your pictures, did you put any decals? You didn't damage the sd card extender when you closed the shells? I ruined two of them until figured out how to do it in a safer way. Do you have a youtube channel? Also do you use a landing pad during take off and landing? gimbal clearance is...