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    Lisbon, Portugal Trip

    I will be heading to Lisbon Portugal in a couple of weeks for a business trip but will have a free day on Sunday and in the evenings (after 6:00 PM) during the week. I am debating whether to take my P3A with me or not. I "want" to take it but this is my first trip outside of the US and am...
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    MY new Phantom 3 or my Family

    Correct. IOS/Apple users spend more on hardware and apps than Android users. Also, Starbucks drinkers spend more on coffee than Tim Hortons and Dunkin Donut coffee drinkers. Not really relevant. I do not base my tablet/phone decisions on how many more flappy bird variants there are for iOS over...
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    Is the Litchi App really worth $20?

    The $20 Litchi app is was the tipping point for me to purchase a P3A. I had been debating upgrading from my old FC40 for some time but when I saw the waypoint features and ability to plan a flight on the PC before leaving the house etc... DJI waypoints are pretty lame, I understand it's "safer"...
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    Bird/bat strike

    I have done recovery on PC hard drives and this tool has recently worked for me. Will work on USB thumbdrives and SD cards as well. It will get you a duplicate of your media to play with while keeping the original intact. HDDGURU: HDD Raw Copy Tool
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    ND filter

    I am looking into a set of ND filters myself. I am not a professional photographer/videographer and am trying to figure out what filters for what situations etc. I'm sure there will be some trial and error involved on my part. I have attached a clip from a recent early morning video where the...
  6. Downtown CBUS

    Downtown CBUS

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    Should I buy a P3 Advanced or Standard?

    It is definitely expensive, but owning both (one briefly :)) I can say you get what you pay for with the LightBridge and upgraded remote. If you're only talking a few months of summer, I would wait until I had the money for the P3A. No REGRETS!
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    Should I buy a P3 Advanced or Standard?

    My first quad was the Phantom FC40 (because of price) I then put more $ into it to add a gimbal, SJCam and 2.4GHz video Tx and monitor than if I had gone with the Vision series. Recently I purchased the P3S for the same low $ reasoning and after one flight with the WiFi video ect, I knew I...