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    P4 lens hood

    Hi all, Anyone know a good lens hood for the P4? I know people make them out of tape, but I'd prefer to buy one and just have it. Thanks.
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    Digital Break Up Lines across screen Phantom 4 Screen

    I had the same problem when using the ipad mini 1, I now use the ipad mini 2 and everything seems to be fine.
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    White Flashing in Playback

    Unfortunately I can't upload the footage as it's for work.
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    Unsteady Orbit During POI

    Hi, Is anyone else having trouble with the orbit when using POI? I've noticed that occasionally it can be a bit jerky. Admittedly is was a bit windy last time but I've orbited in windier conditions and it's been relatively smooth. Thanks.
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    White Flashing in Playback

    Thanks for your reply. The videos last between 1-3 mins. There can be between 1-4 flashes in a video. They don't always occur at the same time. For example, if it initially occurred a '00:39', it may not occur at that exact time again if I replay it. I know that there have been a few posts...
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    White Flashing in Playback

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Phantom 4 playback. Hopefully someone can help. During playback, an occasional white flash occurs. I'm on manual mode so it shouldn't be a problem with exposure, I was wondering if it's a problem with Quicktime and 4k and UHD. Has anyone else experienced this...
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    Downward Right Vision Sensor Error (2)

    I had the same problem with mine. I restarted the drone and it worked fine then. That was a week ago, I've had no problems with is since except a few disconnections mid flight.