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    CS mount for 2 controllers?

    I have a phantom CS mount on a 3D printed Mavic plate which allows me to quickly swap the CS from my Phantom controller to my Mavic controller. I also sometimes use a LiftThor Mavic mount that accommodates the Phantom mount. Of course this requires the purchase of another Phantom CS mount at...
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    Polar Pro Filters for Phantom 3/Phantom 4 for sale

    Price reduced to $49
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    Does your playback button not work too?

    I greatly miss the playback button that was on the Phantom 3 Pro and Inspire 1 controller! Didn’t have to remove hand to instantly check the footage just captured. They replaced it with the worthless Pause button! What were they thinking? Now to playback I have to tap several times on screen...
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    Flying from inside house or car anyone?

    That looked like a fun flight! A recent cold day saw me flying in-cab.
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    SOLD Phantom 3 Batteries for sale

    Now the current prices are reflected in the photo.
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    SOLD Phantom 3 Batteries for sale

    I reduced the asking price on my Phantom 3 batteries.
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    SOLD Phantom 3 Batteries for sale

    **SOLD** I have six Phantom 3 batteries for sale. Ranging from 7 charge cycles to 54.
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    What is the reason for the two SD card slots on CS

    Transfer footage from one SD card to another. Transfer footage, cache, logs, or other files to/from internal storage.
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    Polar Pro Filters for Phantom 3/Phantom 4 for sale

    One Polar Pro ND4 filter. One Polar Pro ND8 filter. Three Polar Pro Graduated filters (Gray, Blue, Orange). One Polar Pro polarized filter (has a scratch that doesn't affect photos). One lens hood. Price at listing time is $49. For Phantom 3 Pro/Adv and Phantom 4 -- WILL NOT FIT PHANTOM 4...
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    Flytrex live 3g

    Yeah, Flytrex scuttled the Flytrex Live service without telling any of the users.
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    STROBON Cree® LED Strobe Lights

    My red one will not charge. When I plug it in to charge it stays lit constantly.
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    Phantom 3 pro 4K camera wanted

    I recently listed a P3P camera on eBay. I pulled it from my personal Phantom 3 Pro. eBay link: DJI Phantom 3 Professional Pro Drone 4K Camera Gimbal Works Great 190021000025 | eBay
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    P4P Stabilized FLIR for under $5,000

    Nice solution! And not as crazy expensive as most others. Can you share which Boson controller board you use as well as which video transmitter? And where did you get the 3D plans for the transmitter mount (assuming you 3D printed it yourself). Also, does your Boson have the 9.1 mm lens? Do...
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    SOLD: Phantom 3 Pro/Adv GL300B Controller with SMA antenna connectors

    SOLD: DJI Phantom 3 Pro GL300B Remote Controller. Modified with the Maxx UAV clean install kit that adds two RP-SMA female antenna connectors which allow the use of a range of antennas and amplifiers in addition to the included rubber duck dual band antennas. Also, the plastic tablet mount arm...