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    Woes of doing the HDMI controller upgrade...

    So I have a job tomorrow so im not going to do the reupdate on the RC tonight. Here's my symptoms: plug all up, boot P4P system, turn on cinimizer goggles (tried the dji RE goggles too), the FPV display will flash on without the camera, only heads up display, then fuzz out and goggles say no...
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    those here who mislead about how to handle lithium-ion batteries

    Hi All! So as it was said above the Phantom series uses LiPo (lithium polymer) Batts and not Li-ion. They are quite different. Lipo's have the great power with RC pilots need to power the motors and receivers and electronics in our model aircraft. We do use certain techniques to make our Lipo's...
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    HDMI module troubles

    Hi, did reflashing fix ur hdmi problem? I have the same thing now and am looking for solutions. It was working. And then it didn’t. HDMI mod about 4 yrs old. Never and issue with it until now. Thx
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    Question on DJI goggle RE....

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    Litchi, saved missions missing

    Well I deleted a few missions and voila, all my saved missions appeared.... Strange but true... all the best !!
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    Litchi, saved missions missing

    Hi All, Litchi problems here. ipad, p4p, litchi:latest, chrome and firefox. web hub: when i first went there no missions in the load list. Logged out, logged in, all saved missions there. Created a new mission, saved. Went to open mission list, the one i saved is not there. Load another mission...
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    Phantom 4 Pro Firmwire v01.05.0600 March 8th 2018

    My issues ending with shipping the P4P back to dji for service....
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    Biggest Tips to Avoid Flyaways/Crashes

    Im pretty amazed by what has happened in the RC world this last 5 years. Having a whole group of people want to get an RC aircraft and fly it without doing what we've been doing for 100 years. Learning to fly a model in the "old" days consisted of getting a model kit, building it (and by doing...
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    Phantom 4 Pro Firmwire v01.05.0600 March 8th 2018

    thanks, if things dont clear up, ill try that.
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    Phantom 4 Pro Firmwire v01.05.0600 March 8th 2018

    In the .600 update docs, does it say to do a factory reset?
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    Gimbal slow to center and Level

    Hey guys... Im thinking when the gimble is not set for FPV flight it should NOT be non level at ALL! Not even for instant. The the whole idea behind the non FPV setting. My gimble is now not returning to level all the time or taking a long time to return. this is an issue and not a setting. if...
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    Autopilot from AutoFlightLogic/Hangar

    Hey G, Do you unplug the device while the app is running? or quit the app then unplug/replug? thanks for your help....:-)
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    Autopilot from AutoFlightLogic/Hangar

    HI All, This is a post from another thread I had started. Im posting here to see if any of you have ANY ideas that i can try. Thank you for any and all help!!! Im not sure if Im pasting the link to the other thread correctly but here it is: Erratic max ceiling setting in DJI Go 4, P4P There is...
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    Erratic max ceiling setting in DJI Go 4, P4P

    Top: So when I used ios 10 i never had seen this behavior. ... So, if i use another ipad ios 10 with an older version of go 4 and it works fine, what would you recommend to be able to use my ipad pro (ios11) that is giving me trouble? I know i cant roll back to ios 10 and rolling back to another...
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    Erratic max ceiling setting in DJI Go 4, P4P

    Hey Top, understood.... I get these after the bird is hot and then launch go 4....