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    Camera Keeps Unlinking

    Trying to find out what would cause my Phantom 4 Pro Plus camera to keep turning off at 17-20 seconds. It wouldn't even run throughout a POI today. Can anyone give me a solution? Thanks in advance.
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    P4 Pro+ screen change

    Thanks, but I have tried to reboot, swipe up and down and still won’t open flight screen.. Guess I will have to wait wait WI Fi
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    P4 Pro+ screen change

    My screen went to another screen rather than the flight screen. How do I get it out of one screen and back to flight screen.
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    Phantom 4 Pro for sale

    Is your Phantom 4 Pro still available. If it is please let me know. Has it ever been registered with the FAA for commercial use? Email [email protected]
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    What's the coldest flying temp?

    I flew a P4 last week on three properties at -15F. Tablet had to be warmed up on one occasion and finished with an I Phone, but I didn't experience any major problems. I normally wouldn't fly that cold, but forecast was going from bad to worse and client needed it done. I flew the P4 and P4P...
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    Thanks for your response Alex. I do use Airmap and I am flying in an area that I have flown in for a little over a year and familiar with the airspace. I have checked NOTAMS and also temporary restrictions on the last two flights that I have made and nothing shows as a NFZ. So either Airmap...
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    Anybody having trouble with NFZ alert? I keep getting even though I am over 7 miles from the airport. I had to disable geo fence, but DJI definitely needs to do something. Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    I don't quite understand why everyone is so fascinated with the distance. I was under the impression we were to fly VISUAL line of sight and can only conclude that everyone has eagle eyes if they can still see any Phantom out 3,000 feet or further. Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    SKYREAT Landing Gear Stabilizers Review for the Dji Phantom 4

    Fishie, how easy do they go on and off? I use the P4 case it came in and they would have to be removed every time I put the P4 away. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    Limp Gimbal on startup

    My camera did the same thing last week. I had made several shoots and then it decided not to work. I tried rebooting both the RC and the drone, but nothing seemed to work. I finished the shoot with a Phantom 3. After returning home about three hours later I fired everything back up and it...