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    BC Pilots

    I've searched high and low and can't find any mention of drones being prohibited in BC Parks. As you can see in the photo, there was no one around the busy closed tourism center(November). I live in a national park, so am well aware that drones are not allowed in any of Canada's national parks...
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    BC Pilots

    I'm an Alberta pilot, but love flying in BC. I took my Phantom 2 Vision to Mount Robson the other day and planned on getting some shots around the info center, but after about 10 minutes of flying, I heard someone yelling at me that I couldn't fly there. I landed and had a chat with the Head...
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    306 flyers club

    OK, which one of you guys did this? Drone usage in Prince Albert National Park lands Saskatoon man before judge
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    Canada - The True North

    Prohibited in Canadian National Parks as well.
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    Canada - The True North

    Great footage and video of my home turf - Jasper. Did you get any warnings from the Park Wardens in Jasper National Park?
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    Travel to Costa Rica with questions...

    If you are on Facebook, check out the UAV Costa Rica group. Otherwise, check with your airline for any restrictions. It's a beautiful country with lots to photograph and video!
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    Best place to buy a P3P in Canada?

    Hi Paul, i recognize your name from OPC! Check out in Lethbridge. These guys have excellent customer service and are experienced in using what they sell, good prices, and free shipping. I've dealt with several Canadian suppliers, but will now only deal with Aerial Tech...
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    Drone helps rescue 2 boys

    I agree. They really need to practise this scenario before they loose one of the rescuers.
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    Bentley Commercial with S1000 DJİ

    Nice! I think you must have huge balls to fly a S1000 with a 5D MKlll! You wouldn't want a fly away with that!
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    Lightning Drone Flyaway

    You were lucky to get it back in working condition! Were you trying to break all of the Transport Canada regulations in one flight?
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    South Shore of Nova Scotia? anyone?

    I was planning to go to Blomidon when I ended up in Scott's Bay. In the photo of my brother's poultry farm, you can see Blomidon in the upper left corner.
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    South Shore of Nova Scotia? anyone?

    I just got back from a visit to Nova Scotia and did some flying near Bridgewater and in the Annapolis Valley. Fancy Lake Lower Canard Scott's Bay
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    Is there a Phantom Darwin award?

    I'm pretty sure that you have to die to get a Darwin award. Nice try, though, and I hope you heal up quickly!
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    Air Travel In Canada With P2 Batteries?

    I checked the Phantom 2 Vision in as fragile, so I was able to take it to the oversized baggage counter and explained to the lady what it was. She had never heard of a UAV or drone, but said she had to swab it because it was a remote controlled device. No problem there. My wife and I each had...