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    Bloated Battery - Replacement Options?

    Hi there everyone. I have hardly used my P2 as it has taken me many years/months to put it all together for FPV. I purchased my P2 in early 2014 so its clearly out of warranty. My issue that has come about just the other day. I noticed just after take off and 10ft in the air, all red lights...
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    Poll: what flight app do you use the most?

    Thank you for you comment, really helped...
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    Poll: what flight app do you use the most?

    Any recommendations for a P2 user?
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    Is a Patch Antenna Worth the purchase?

    I have a question regarding my FPV setup. My liliput only has 1 Antenna connector. I don't know if I should get the dual pack of IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP V2's. Or if I should get 1 IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP V2 for the transmitter and a 5.8GHz SpiroNET Mini Patch Antenna for the monitor? Are...
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    Do both of my Rx ports need to be used on FPV Monitor?

    Hi there Newbie here. I have had my P2 sitting around collecting dust until now I was able to source the parts to complete my FPV setup. I have a Lilliput 664, IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP CIRCULAR POLARIZED SPIRONET ANTENNA V2 SMA 250 600 TX. My question is. Do I need to occupy both of the RX...
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    Lillyput 664/w FPV setup Help

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    Lillyput 664/w FPV setup Help

    Not sure what you mean. Are you trying to work out if its interference from the city? I'm in very rural areas so it should not be a problem.
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    Lillyput 664/w FPV setup Help

    Hi there Jason, video signal starts to snow out after 500m.
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    First FPV Flight, Lilliput 664/W

    Hi there, So you seem to have had luck with your Fpv setup, do you have any other updates on this? How were the longer range tests?
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    Lillyput 664/w FPV setup Help

    Hi there everyone. I have been reading all of the forums on what to use with my 664/w. It seems that the Rx inside the monitor is not that good when paired with the 5.8GHz 7-Channel A/V Transmitter, 600mW (ImmersionRC) and everyone is leaning towards using the 5.8GHz 7-Channel A/V Transmitter...