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    Prop Balancer

    The best thing you can do with your Phantom when you first get it is Balance your props, it improves your videos 100% no Jello on my shots :D and for £25 in the UK I got a very good prop balancer well worth every penny. Don't try and save a few bucks on this, it's the best thing you will do...
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    Carrying Case

    Hi Sac D It is that one :-) The pre cuts in the foam are small squares that you pull out of the sheets to make the compartments you want. It is tight but you do not have to take the props or landing gear off for it to fit, if you centre the Phantom it is a good fit. and it is much cheeper than...
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    Carrying Case

    This is my carrying case for my Phantom After looking at the very expensive PELI cases I opted for a very nice case from Maplin @ £49.95 it's a very good alternative, and it comes with the foam ready for you to pick and pluck the pre cut squares out.