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    FCC Tries to Ban DJI Drones and other Chinese Made Drones in US

    The one big flaw in this story is that the FCC is tasked with regulating radio communications. It's not a national security agency. The FCC guy is talking outside his authority. If it wasn't for my wife pestering me to buy a drone, I would never have gotten into this hobby, as I know it would...
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    FCC Tries to Ban DJI Drones and other Chinese Made Drones in US

    In a release today, the FCC has announced that it is seeking to ban DJI drones and other Chinese made drones on the grounds of national security...
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    Fox News Unable to Fly Near US Border Zone -- FAA Makes Restricted Zone Suddenly

    Someone in another group came up with the bright idea of just fly from the Mexican side, outside of FAA jurisdiction. LOL
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    Drone Registration Down 50%

    Good luck getting people to pay those ridiculous fines. Back some thirty years ago, I was following the pirate radio movement and the FCC imposed $20K fines on unlicensed FM low power broadcasters to protect the cartels of licensed corporate stations and nobody paid up. Most pirate broadcasters...
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    Fox News Unable to Fly Near US Border Zone -- FAA Makes Restricted Zone Suddenly

    Saw this and thought perhaps Louis Learner is running the FAA now? Fox News had been flying their drone for a long period of time covering the border crisis, but suddenly the FAA halted their ability to fly there.
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    Are You Starting a Drone Business (or considering it)? ... How's it going?

    Tyrants never like to give up their new-found dictatorial powers. I would not expect this to end. I'm glad that the wife and I have mentally prepared our selves a couple of years ago to expatriate to Japan and start our lives over there. America has no rule of law anymore. Not when it comes to...
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    FAA Release NEW rules for UAS Operations

    Yep. Compliance is gonna be a b*tch. Tacitus said something about the more laws the more corrupt the government.
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    I'm hanging onto my P4P with old firmware.
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    Air Force One Possible Near Miss

    Secret Service is concerned about several "probe" attempts at judging security around POTUS. This drone incident was one of several in recent weeks.
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    No grandfathering? I guess that makes a bunch of us outlaws. Who in tarnation is going to invest the money and effort to comply with these regs just to fly a plastic toy? Massive government overreach.
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    99 hours and 41 minutes in the air, then ........................... 100% pilot error, then ....................................... miracle save!

    All I could say is I did not expect the splashdown when it appeared--it looked, based on reflections, as if the drone were still 20' above the water surface. An amazing illusion. This underscores all the more why maintaining VLOS is necessary, because you can't always trust a remote camera view.
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    This could get interesting

    Just wait til one of these falls out of the sky on to someone's house.
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    end of DJI business in USA...??

    They let you fly a drone there? Details?
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    end of DJI business in USA...??

    You need to download NVENC, an experimental plugin for Premiere that uses the 3500 cores on your 2080Ti to do the rendering at massively faster speeds. I've been using NVENC to cut 14 hour renders to just 5 minutes for 90 minutes of multicamera HD footage. With HEVC capability and fast renders...
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    This don’t sound good

    Requiring drone operators to have licenses is like requiring bicyclists and pedestrians to have licenses. We all use the same public roads!