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    FPV monitor mount

    Just bought one as well... these look amazing! Can't wait to for it to get here, I've hated the tarot attachment since I day one. Thank you so much for creating this.
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    External Battery for Tarot 2D Gimbal

    Well I'm running the FPV off the AUX already... I'm using the Storm 2700's in the phantom, so with the weight of the gimbal and its small battery I'm hoping to still remain around stock flight times. Thanks for your advice Giz... did you say a male on the end of the battery though? I thought...
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    Phantom on a Plane

    Same as everyone else... just bring your case and all the batteries as your carry-on and they most likely won't even bat at eye when you walk through customs. I've been through this drill four times so far, only been asked what "That thing is" once lol They didn't even mention the 6 LiPo...
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    DJI Phantom Drone and GoPro Hero3+ Video Over Santa Barbara

    Re: DJI Phantom Drone and GoPro Hero3+ Video Over Santa Barb Nice shots over the water! Looks like a perfect afternoon
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    Recent Video Edit of HWY 1

    Great shots, cool location... those hill-sides look sweet!
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    Yet more CNN drone news.

    **** it, I was gonna make millions hearding sheep :lol:
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    How secure is a VGE mount?

    I went for the no-jello mount before the gimbal too.... biggest waste of money! Not because the no-jello mount isn't good, heck it's AMAZING! The problem is that it'll make you want a gimbal EVEN MORE! Save the $25 on the VGE and just get the gimbal :D
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    First Project Aerial Video

    A lot of great shots in there! Looks like a great trip!
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    External Battery for Tarot 2D Gimbal

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get my Tarot 2D gimbal install dialed over here... I've convinced myself to go with an external battery as a power supply instead of the aux wire from the phantom. I'm getting the Storm 3S 11.1V 1000mah battery from helipal. As far as connections go, my tarot came...
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    First Flight - Quick Video

    Nope, no gimbal.... I have the VGE mount coming in the next week, as well as a gopro ND filter. Holding off on the gimbal for now. Warp stabilizer was on overdrive for this little clip lol Not bad for the very first flight though. Here is what happened the following day at the park...
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    First Flight - Quick Video

    Unboxed her yesterday.... still waiting for my FPV to arrive. Eventually I'll add a gimbal. I'm addicted already, I'm off to the park for more testing/fun!