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    Phantom Drifts and Crashs

    Hi Guys After some time off because a phantom crash, I'm unable to fly it again because I have some issues. So I will talk about previous crashes to avoid any lack of info... My first crash, a soft one, was 2 month ago, when, after 2 or 3 flights without any issues, I changed to last battery...
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    Questions about handling...

    Hi Guys I looking for waypoints on Phantom too! Any news about that? ... QoTyEfWuAk Or some kind of mod for it? regards
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    Powering the Martinez Control Board

    Hi Guys I new to this. Anyone have a diagram about how to connect the board to a Phantom? My Gimbal have a big black cable (connected to a 3 points on board - GND, 5V and a 2nd left/down pin little chip) and I dont know where I connect it on Phantom. And about the power - where I found the...