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    Need batteries

    I think op is looking for p4 batteries. And looking for a quantity of 2-3
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    P4 Firmware NO MAPS ON P4p+ controller

    What device are you using with the controller? Does it have internet access?
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    Merry Christmas 2020!

    Merry Christmas everyone :)
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    DJI “ blacklisted” by the U.S. gov.......

    Thats a huge marketplace to lose. Its not like you and I telling walmart we'll never come back.
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    Fresh Meat

    Hello All, New to drones and brand new to this site. I purchased a used P4 Standard with a remote experiencing the dreaded charging issue. Unfortunately during the attempt to reflow the chip it was observed that the antenna plug had broken off inside the main board. So my first experience on...
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    Phantom 4 no/weak image transmission signal

    Thought I read somewhere that latest firmware cause this. Have you tried downgrade?
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    Any chance you'd be willing to budge on the ship to US rule? I'm in Canada and needing a controller. I had the dreaded charging issue In the process of trying to fix it, the antenna plug into the main board broke I'm in a crunch. Thanks
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    P4P+ automatically shuts off while flying

    Any updates on this? I'm curious what the RCA was.