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    Phantom 1.5 (Question, as much as sale )

    Hi Blackbeard. I live in Taiwan, but I will be going back to England for a visit in a few weeks. I have no idea about price, I was thinking 250 pounds. But that was the main point of this post to ask what people thought was a fair price ;) Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    Phantom 1.5 (Question, as much as sale )

    Hi All I have an original phantom1 upgraded with a phantom 2 shell and a lot of other things: Dji Phantom 1 with Phantom 2 shell ( Can be flown with single battery or double batteries inside shell) Converted to Frysky Receiver (Also included the original Phantom transmitter and reciever) Set of...
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    New member gimbal question

    Any developments on this, I too have an EGO and just bought a tarot gimbal..easy enough to mount it, but I can't tune it in to work. Having a nightmare trying to tune the PID. I have searched all over but can't find any info about someone who has succeeded. just one guy but he used a different...
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    Commercial airlines - flying WITH a Phantom

    just think this..... :lol:
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    Naza M FW 4.00 released

    Thanks Martcerv for the info. I updated mine too and I found one good thing so far. Before whenever I tried to do an advanced calibration it would start then about 15 seconds in, would give me the imu too hot warning. Before I had to unplug the usb, unplug the battery wait 5 minutes then plug it...