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    Professional Adimode, what does it mean.

    Thanks so much for such an informative result. It is always when I have brought the drone in after a flight and put it near to the controller to turn it off. Now I understand what is happening, all good. I fly in very open places and appreciate your comments. Thanks from Adam.
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    Professional Adimode, what does it mean.

    Hi everyone from Australia, I was just wondering, quite often when I have brought my drone home, I get my handset saying to me "Adimonde, adimode" what does this mean please? Thanks in advance. Adam
  3. Port MacQuarie Holiday - YouTube

    Port MacQuarie Holiday - YouTube

    A wonderful two week holiday in a great caravan park by the sea. The people of Port MacQuarie are terrific and it is a must to visit. Great shopping and rest...
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    Professional Activation failed

    Sorry for trying to be friendly!!
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    Professional Activation failed

    He everyone. I notice that quite a few people have had trouble with activating the Phantom 3 Professional which I bought just two days ago and cannot fly yet, yes, no activation!! I had 12 months with the Phantom 2 vision + and loved it but now to upgrade. Help!! I am in Australia and am...
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    White beaches

    We went on a four week trip in our caravan and I took my Phantom 2 Vision +. Here is just a short clip of Esperance in Western Australia. I hope you like it, Adam
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    Abselling Video from Australia

    Hi everyone, here is a video taken in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. I was so lucky that when I arrived at this lookout there were some abseillers and one of them, Sue, was a 67yr old doing it for the first time. I hope you enjoy it, Adam.
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    Compass Calibration

    I only spin once but I am inquisitive as to why it flashes red continuously when I spin twice.
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    Compass Calibration

    Can you help please. I have a Phantom 2 V + and use the Naza mode. When I do a compass calibration, I flick the switch, spin around once with the P2 in a horizontal position and then spin once in a vertical position, all is well but if I spin twice in a vertical position the lights flicker red...
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    Wentworth Falls

    Here is a video I took with my Phantom 2 Vision + of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains, Australia. It is one of my favourite places and gives me a lot of peace and relaxation. My wife and I were there on our 19th wedding anniversary. You can see her at the lookout at near the end. I am...
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    I really don't feel safe to buy...

    I bought my Phantom 2 Vision + in March and have had so much fun with it. I have made quite a few videos and am now quite addicted. Life is not certain and there is a risk in crossing the road. We don't have to convince you, so if you are worried, sit at home and play tiddly winks or get one...
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    The fields around Llandilo, near Sydney, Australia

    Sorry, spelling error, it should be " it too."
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    The fields around Llandilo, near Sydney, Australia

    I just went for a bit of a joy flight near my place near Sydney as it was a lovely evening. The paddocks were looking great and so I have put it on here hoping that you might like it to. I find a little peace and relaxation,
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    Hail damage

    Sorry, here is the video