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    P3 Firmware App or Firmware issues?

    quaddamage. I know it took a while, but wanted to thank you for the info' about the app'. It was exactly what you said and I am very grateful for the information. I am now flying with maps.
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    P3 Firmware App or Firmware issues?

    OK, thanks quaddamage, I will ignore the update message (don't do it through the app anyway). For the GPS map, I have no idea about cert's. I will try and install latest app. Many Thanks for your response.
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    P3 Firmware App or Firmware issues?

    Hi. Newbie in UK and I have a P3A, with Android tablet, but don't often get the chance to fly. I have charged my batteries today and have a couple of problems that I am hoping someone may be able to help me with. Firstly, the DJI Go app tells me that the firmware needs to be updated, but then it...
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    Another newbie - UK

    Morning All. Just registered to what looks to be the most informative org. for me with my DJI Phantom 3 Adv. I was trying to find out where is best to 'register my drone' - but failed. I am registered with DJI shop, but have found no drone registration and the Safe Drone Register (Dragons Den)...