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    Professional Got disconnected

    I know this will sound overly simple but could it be simply a loose antenna wire inside either the RC or the AC? The fact that the issue is intermittent would seem to point to a bad connection somewhere. Both are easy enough to check with a little screwdriver work.
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    I give up! I asking for help

    If you see this screen then your USB connection is working properly, this screen means there is no connection between the remote and aircraft.
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    I give up! I asking for help

    If you see this screen then the remote is NOT communicating with your phone/tablet. You will need to solve the USB issue before you can go any further.
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    I give up! I asking for help

    First let me say, while you are working on this, have a small fan blowing on the camera/gimbal board on the aircraft to keep it from overheating. The P3P has a known overheating issue which can destroy the camera gimbal board if the props aren't running for cooling. Flashing yellow on the...
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    Old Battery Help

    2 years with no attention likely did some irreversible damage. Sounds like 2 of them are toast. The 3rd that has uneven cell voltages may be salvageable. That one I would fully charge (power the battery on before connecting the charger directly to it, do not use the hub) then insert it...
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    Merry Christmas 2020!

    I would like to wish all my fellow pilots a very Merry Christmas and hopefully a much better 2021!!! This is a great forum full of great pilots with tons of experience that help us all become safer pilots. Hats off to you all!! Safe and happy flying :)
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    Is autonomous flight legal?

    Interesting debate. Technically, waypoint, follow me, and POI modes are all autonomous flight modes, meaning you are not actually actively flying the aircraft. RTH is no different. My interpretation of the laws in any country tells me that if you have the remote in hand, and are solely...
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    New Pilot

    I'm in Edmonton. I also fly a P3P with just a basic license. Just fly for fun. I do fly all year round and can confirm the P3P can handle cold temps. I've flown mine once at minus 31C as a test and had no issues other than cold hands lol. Definitely don't be afraid to fly in winter, which...
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    Battery Not Installed

    Only the P4 V2.0 can produce that error. The version 2.0 added a microswitch in the battery compartment to warn of loose batteries which is a known issue with the P4 series. Its definitely not your batteries, its a problem with that microswitch.
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    New Pilot

    Welcome from Alberta!
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    How much might this Phantom 3 Advanced with accessories be worth?

    I'd guess $500 US. The P3A is a good bird.
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    Phantom Vision + parts, Remote & battery recycling on F450 or ...

    All the P2's used the 2312 motors. Some P3's used them and some used the newer 2312A motors. The ESC'S and main control board are different for each motor type and are NOT interchangeable. Meaning you cannot use the newer 2312A motors on a P2. On a P3, you must use the same type of motor...
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    Mavic Air 2 fell from sky into lake

    Another story of taking off without a fully charged battery. This always invites surprises and often disaster. Sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Controller battery care

    Turn the controller on and periodically move any stick to "keep it awake". This may take some time as the controller battery typically lasts quite a long time between recharges. If you plan on storing the entire system for a long time I recommend flying each aircraft battery for a full cycle...
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    Cold temperature flight.

    Nothing wrong with that P2 battery to get that flight time in cold weather!