Yes, but disregarded it as inefficient after watching this video (assuming the guy knows what he is talking about - the technical numbers of the camera indicate a less efficient camera)

The link is:

If he is wrong then I'm very prepared to look and read the reasons why the Inspire has a superior camera, as it is the finished video that is of greater interest to me, not the performance or top speed of the drone etc.

@Mainey . . . I do not have any direct experience with the inspire 1 drone or the camera. However, if image quality is more important to you I would investigate beyond a you tube video from a guy with 9K subscribers.

I'm skeptical how a micro four thirds sensor with a quality interchangeable lens isn't going to produce superior images to the P4P sensor & lens?

I'm happy with the P4P 4K video output but it's still image performance isn't great. The RAW images I've shot with P4P look fine on a small display. If you view them on a larger display @1:1 scale, I see less detail and sharpness than expected particularly away from image center. In retrospect, I've realized I should have expected this.

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