An Autumn Night in Bucharest

I am amused editing this video. After all, this is even if it's just a Phantom 4 that's pretty limited in performance at night!
Not bad, kind of short. I wanted to see MORE! How was/is Bucharest? Do you live there or were you visiting?
Hi! I'm glad that you like my little video :) . I live in Bucharest, an interesting city that was once called the "little Paris" ,as beautiful or less beautiful than many other cities in Europe. Of course I have some other modest videos and soon I will start editing much more because I have a lot of filmed material:
corneliu mihalea
Have a nice day!
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Your colour presentation is amazing - very jealous. lol. Can I ask what post-edit software you use and how you get just clarity/purity of colour (color to you yanks)
Your appreciation honors me Sir, and I really enjoy very much that you like my little editing. Although I'm a big fan of Davinci Resolve, this time I made it in the Adobe Premiere and I did not want to disappoint you but I really did not use anything to colorize. Just as usual, at night because the sensor (I only have a p4) is not suitable for poor light I'm trying to maximize my performance: pull the UV filter, lock the ISO as far as I can and choose my own color temperature. Otherwise I do not use any filter because I'm trying to capture the maximum of light. The only filter used for editing was a noise improvement. You live in a very beautiful country and I can hardly wait to see her through your drone! Good luck!

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