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Do you sell wet suits for DJI’s Phantom 3 Professional?
No we did not make the Wet Suit for the Phantom 3 , Most of our focus now is on the Mavic 2 because of the Lunar Landing Pad/Case

This was a game changer for Hand Catching:

Phantom 2 had the H3 D3 gimbal rolling, did a hard reset, went to update it, not showing on assistant soft wear, just has a green light and no movement. Tried to re set again with no progress?
Do you have a link you can send me that has a "safe" version of "Phantom 3 Pro and Adv Firmware v1.11.30". I have been to a site that has a download available, but the site looks like one that MIGHT be suspicious. The name of the site is I am very cautious when pressing a "Download" button. Thanks! Ron
Fly Dawg
Fly Dawg
Sure. Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. This is for the P3A. The P3P firmware is also available on the site as well.
P3A Firmware
Greetings. You wrote on the forum. I have a Phantom 4. The one I got the morning was: "Downward sensor error. Aircraft unstable at low altitude. Please fly with caution and land immediately...
How did you solve it? I have Mavic for and the same message started to appear.
Thank you for answer.
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Looking to upgrade from my little C-Me drone. Saw a Phantom 4 Pro in action recently and was very impressed.
Out of commission. On eBay ordering a replacement gimbal arm assembly, props and guards, and a landing gear strut brace
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Thanx 4 yor reply, l respond ystrdy but l got a scoldin fm admin bkos l usd th link that said REPLY foolishly thinkin it ment that. I red oldr coments about batteries, there was 1 had same message on screen. He had a saga but did sugest usin th duff battery 4 non-flyt setup procedures, good idea. So not all negative xperiena, thanx 2 you & th forum, good 2 no there is help, yours aye, T
Theo CvV
Theo CvV
Then l tried sendin th last in English but wos told must b ls than 420 karaktrs, so admin, wer is th wurdkount?
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