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Your Zenmuse is no longer level?

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-2D GoPro Gimbal' started by TojoBeau, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. TojoBeau

    Feb 7, 2015
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    I have made a discovery about what physically aligns the zenmuse gimbal. After an incident involving water that we wont discuss :roll: , I found myself fully disassembling my H3-2D for a thorough cleaning. It's worth every attempt to save a $400 piece of equipment. Reassembly was a success and the gimbal functioned as expected with one exception. The pitch of the camera was off. "Oh great! Now mine is doing what many others have posted about in the past." Other than attempting to make adjustments in the Zenmuse Assistant, I've not read of many successful corrections. (Shim your mount, add weights, etc.)

    I had a hard time believing this was a software issue. Perhaps i did something wrong. I decided to disassemble it again to take a closer look and check my assembly methods. I could tell by looking at the circuit boards for each motor that both motors used a potentiometer to indicate position, but how exactly was the question. The default pot position is equally important. Observe that during dis-assembly. I knew each motor shaft had a set screw notch so you couldn't really get that wrong. Then I took a closer look at the white plastic piece at the base.


    This plastic piece fits the notch inside the pot on the circuit board. "Perhaps that's positioned wrong?" A closer look revealed that it was not lined up with the set screw notch on the shaft. "Ah ha!" :idea: So, I decided to delicately rotate the plastic just enough to line up its notch with the notch on the motor's shaft as you see in the photo. See detail at the 2 o'clock position. Upon reassembling Zenmuse, I can proudly say that issue has been corrected. My gimbal now looks straight ahead and straight down. Success! :D

    Well, this was my discovery. It was very easy for the plastic piece to be moved. I find it likely that a misalignment could occur in the impact of a unfortunate crash. I can't say that this will correct 100% of the gimbals experiencing alignment issues. We are talking about sophisticated electronics after all. I certainly would not recommend disassembling a Zenmuse if your not comfortable with such a venture. There are risks. I accidentally broke the ribbon on the 30 pin GoPro connector so as a result I have lost my FPV function. :x I'm now on the hunt for a busted H3-2D for parts.
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