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Would anyone be interested in one of these? Only making 20

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by J Dot, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. J Dot

    Apr 10, 2014
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    Sarasota, FL. USA!
    ( NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO POST? I apologize if not ! )

    Since I first posted a picture of my bird, with my home made ( TK-102b ) GPS tracker, Saddle Bag installed, I've had SEVERAL requests, for me to make some for you guys, I found a friend to sew the patterns for me, I was thinking of making around 20 or so only! I have several colors to choose from, ( see pics below ) each will come with a DJI sticker, your color choice, the choices are endless!
    ( orange w/ black sticker, black w/ white sticker, white w/ orange sticker, ect. ) you will pic the color of fabric , and the color of sticker!
    ( stickers on order , should have by end of week ) these are home made, and by no means professionally produced! But quality is good! ( everyone that sees mine, wants one ) here are some pics:
    ( original design )
    ( new modified design ) different color scheme )
    Shortened the bottom leg, less fabric ( lighter ) and sticker instead of cutout )
    ( fabric choices )
    From top to bottom: White, Off White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Dk. Blue, Sky Blue, Aqua, Grey, Tan, Black, and Tan Leatherette!
    ( possibly more, let me know what you want, working on pink, right now, but do not have it yet )

    ( picture of a sticker ( black ) ready to apply backing installed )
    Sticker colors:
    White, Black, Orange, Grey, Red, Blue! ( possibly more colors? ) still working that out! ( trying to locate pink ) should have stickers by end of week ( colors above )

    ( if you have another color in mind ( fabric or sticker, please let me know? )

    I was only going to make around 20-25 of these, then no more! Don't want to make a career out of it, plus don't want to wear it out! ( it's no fun if EVERYONE HAS ONE )!
    ( but a few is ok )

    If you are interested in one please Pm me or post! I'm not sure the price yet? Thinking around $25 each?
    ( let me know your thoughts ? )

    My original design has DJI cut outs, but I cannot legally sell them with DJI on them, so you'll receive a solid color bag with a FREE DJI STICKER, with each purchase! ( you apply )!

    ( waiting for a completed design from my friend ( sewing them ) to get a final weight ( with and without tracker installed ) will post a reply to that in a day or two, she is making only a few right now! ( for a couple local phantom flying buddies )

    Just wanted to see if anyone was interested, other than the people who pm or emailed me already
    ( in which case, you should have yours soon ) should be shipping those by end of week, thanks again.
    IF I MISSED ANYONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW, and I apologize in advance if you were overlooked!
    ( been crazy putting all this together )

    Thanks for your input!

    Not trying to make a fortune, only for fun mostly ( among friends ) but they are time consuming to make, cutting, sewing, button placement,
    Getting fabric, ordering stickers, shipping, post office trips, ect! so I'll need to get something for them! Let me know what you think a fair price would be! ( I'm no sales guy ) lol
    Just thought I'd offer something new and interesting to anyone who might want one !

    Take care, Fly Safe!
  2. g1967

    Jun 19, 2014
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    Re: Would anyone be interested in one of these? Only making

    I'm interested? Please contact me gh1967@gmail.com. I am new here and cannot send private messages yet. Thanks
  3. EliasD

    May 13, 2014
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    DelMarVa peninsula somewhere in the beanfields
    Re: Would anyone be interested in one of these? Only making

    Very nice idea, will be pm'ing ya after posting. Kudos for doing this. :cool: