Where to locate Marco Polo?

Apr 13, 2014
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Ok, It's been 5 months since I had my fly away. Still no sign of my FC-40. I bought a new one and also a Marco Polo unit. Where have you guys installed the unit on the Drone?
Pictures? Ideas?
Also, are you happy with the Marco Polo?
My Marco Polo works great. Did you get RC version or dog version? I am running the dog version and have it clipped to the carbon fiber camera protective plate (add-on) between landing gear.
Hi, James.
Marco Polo is a device tracker evolved from pet trackers: they reduced their size, increased the range, and created the "Marco Polo RC" (from Radio Controlled model). The good thing about the system is that it is not using cellular phone coverage, and is autonomously emitting signals up to 30 days.

I received my unit ten days ago, and have made eight full flights since, some of them at more than 2,000 ft distance, not showing any interference with telemetry or video signals in the place where I have located the tag (port landing gear).

You can have a view in: RC Model Tracking and Recovery - Pet Tracking Made Easy | Marco Polo The Pet Tracking System

I will post a couple of photos of the solution to fix it to Phantom 4 landing gear.
Here are the photos I referred to in my previous message.

I cut a two-inch lenght of aluminum angle, and made several holes on it with a drill bit, to alleviate its weight (less than 6 grams). That plate was attached to landing gear crossbeam with some zip ties, and Marco Polo tag to the plate... The result is: too many zip ties.

I am now considering to attach to the plate the identification tag that a drone has to wear in Spain. This has to be metallic and must incorporate the drone model and Serial Number, your name (or company name) and a contact phone! I have ordered a military dog tag with all data engraved (aprox 5 grams) and I plan to attach it at the other side of the Marco Polo tag.
I have been using Marco Polo trackers for a few years now. [On all my RC aircraft -not just my drones] and I can say it has worked flawlessly. I mount mine via velcro on my battery door and it had saved my butt a few times.

Especially flying over heavily wooded areas.


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