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May 30, 2015
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Terneveien 5, Lyngdal, Norway
Hi all. Some times I find out that the videosettings have changed on it's own. I live in Norway and use the PAL setting and use mp4 format. But some times after I have been out flying and filming I find out that the settings have changed to NTSC (not PAL) and also MOV format. This is a pain in the neck if you have filmed a lot and find out later this have changed. Also I can not use these recordings on my computer. It opens but lags a lot. I have tried to convert to mp4 without luck. I'm not sure when this happens, but could it be after a firmware upgrade? Well, just a tip check your settings before you start big jobs. Phantom3 Pro.
........Well, just a tip check your settings before you start big jobs. Phantom3 Pro.

I understand your disappointment. All effort goes wasted if the settings are not right.

You are right this could be due to SW updates... no one knows as so many updates were done to support other products on the same app.

My only suggestion to you is to start DJI go app after RC and AC have been started and you see solid green on RC. I believe this would help transfer all the last set parameters back from aircraft to Go app and will be ready to accept new changes. This is a tip and not a solution for you.

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Just make sure you set your video settings the way you want it while it's connected to the drone. If you're not connected to the drone, your settings won't "stick".

This should be done after any firmware or software update as the update usually reverts to the default settings.

Checking the settings once you're connected and ready to fly should be a part of EVERY preflight.

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