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Updating my Vision?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by Andy Parkin, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Andy Parkin

    Nov 10, 2013
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    Reading, Berkshire, UK
    Hi, I would like to start by telling you how great I am at some things.............
    I was a pretty good Royal Engineer in the British Army for 14 years, ran a skydiving business for many years and completed 4,500 jumps, I drive fire engines pretty well now and, I like to pride myself on, am extremely good at ironing clothes!

    Now I'd like to move onto what I am not so good at....................
    Following simple instructions!

    My Vision had broken usb connector so it has been replaced by the dealer.....two months ago! I haven't even opened the box on the new one because of bad weather etc but now I need to fly the thing. Before I do I'm guessing that it will need some updates doing......enter the dumb fireman! ...............Guys, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to even start the process. Is there anyone out there who is willing to steer me through it? You would need to pretend you are talking to a three year old but if you have the patience ???
    I know someone will just point me to a link which I'm sure some of you will find self explanatory, but you can't beat the human touch.
    I'm a little blown away by the depth in which some of you chat about things on here and am second guessing my ability to actually own one!! I just want to fly it and take nice pics etc.

    I own one DJI Vision and one Macbook pro.........if that's all I need to do this thing and anyone wants to take me trough it step by step then you'll make an idiot very happy.

  2. RCRookie

    Mar 9, 2014
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    East Texas
    First rule Andy... NEVER connect or disconnect the USB connector while there is POWER to the Vision!
    The rest is pretty easy.. If you've installed the assistant software from the DJI Website on your pc or mac... Connect USB to your Vision, start the pc app... Then, power on the Vision and follow the prompts. It will update the Main board, after each update... Power cycle on and off (reboot) the Vision and and follow this routine until revisions are complete. You'll just need to verify the revision numbers all match, to current version.

    If you've made your purchase recently, Your Transmitter should be up to date. You can check the barcode placard on the tx and compare it to the revision number on the box your phantom Vision came in as well as the website. Test your new revision upgrades in the vision assistant then test the vision in an open area free of metalic interference.. Best place is an open field.

    Pay particular attention to your switch setup on the controller and in the assistant.
    I have my S1 set to GPS/ATTI/Failsafe... S2 is set to Off/Course lock and Home lock.
    If you have not flown much, its worth reading about Nazam and Vision modes as well as IOC. Search forums for those terms.

    If you'd like decals for your Vision Coloradosky sells them, his website is http://www.signsoflife.net.. They'll help you keep things organized on the tx.. So you know what the switches all are set to.
    Refer back to this forum with any questions... Dozens of people here with vast knowledge of all these RC systems.. Not only DJI products... Good luck.

    The Rookie
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