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Update from DJI on Vision Software issues & Battery

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by gburger, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. gburger

    Oct 11, 2013
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    Dear DJI Dealers,

    Please find the following information for Phantom 2 Vision firmware updates. And also share with your customers about this.

    1. Overview: :

    a) The Phantom 2 Vision Autopilot's firmware is upgraded to v.1.05.
    b) The firmware of Central Board is upgraded to v1.0.1.18
    c) The PC Assistant Software is upgraded to v1.05
    d) Cell Phone App is upgraded to (iOS App: v1.0.28 Android App: v1.0.33), they are now under app store reviews.

    2. New (Major) Features:

    a) For professional users, you can use PC Assistant Software (v1.05) to enter Naza-like Mode (not exactly the same), to enable the IOC feature and enable the original "atti mode, gps mode, manual mode". In addition, the LED flight indicator will behave like Naza, not Phantom 2 Vision. And please alert users only to enter the Naza-like Mode if they are really professional and know what they are doing, because more and more Phantom 2 Vision users will be those who has no experience of flying.

    b) The contact pins may encounter some failure when the Phantom 2 Vision is still in the air, which triggers the "Invalid Battery" warning. And since in this case, the autopilot fails to get the battery data via the contact pins, it gets a "0" battery level which triggers the failsafe of auto-landing due to low battery value. After both of Autopilot (v1.05) and Central Board (v. updates, even the contact pins fail the communication, the autopilot won't trigger the "Invalid Battery" warning if you are in the air, and it will not trigger the "autolanding". More importantly, the autopilot will still give you warnings if your battery's voltage is lower than 10.65V. (A little background info: autopilot knows the battery percentage via the contact pins, and it can know the battery's voltage without the contact pins). What's more ? if you are using iOS app v1.0.28, it will popup a message box to tell you that "there is a communication failure of the battery, be careful when flying and come back asap" and sth. like that.

    PS: Phantom 2 Vision is a "Ready To Fly" "Ready to Capture" "Ready to Share" thing. But still, it is an aircraft, keeping the contact needles and pads clean is very important. Any dirt and dust may cause a communication failure.

    c) 2nd Level Low Battery Warning is set to 15% instead of 20%.

    d) We add another level of protection, as stated in section b). That is, despite of the 1st and 2nd battery level warning, there is another hidden "level" which uses 10.65V as the threshold. Either this voltage threshold and 2nd Level Low Battery Warning will trigger the auto-landing. (Of course, you can still maintain the altitude by pull up the throttle stick.)

    e) Other minor bugs fixed.

    3. Special Notes:

    a) Must use the latest PC Assistant Software (v1.05)
    b) Must upgrade both Autopilot (v1.05) and Central Board (v.
    c) Before switching to Naza-like Mode, you need to update autopilot and central board first.
    d) Latest Cell Phone App is under review by app stores, the only major difference will be, by using earlier version app, you won't get the popup message "battery communication failure". But it really doesn't matter that much. The review takes about 1 week.

    For more information , please visit DJI website or reach your sales representative, thanks!

    Yours sincerely,
    DJI Innovations
  2. Drone7

    Nov 12, 2013
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    thx, i was looking for this.
    My app doesnt work as it should and i am curious about the update for my Android.

    Does anyone know where to download the update? It says under app store reviews, maybe i missed it but i can not find it.
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