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Ultimate Phantom Mod List

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by sbarton, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. sbarton

    Jul 28, 2014
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    Links to all of the mods you can do to your Phantom. I'll try to organize it better later. If you know of others or know of corrections to ones I posted, please post.

    Ultamite Phantom Guide

    Fixing broken video's

    Antenna's + Range Extenders

    Booster Apps
    FPV Booster App Boosts power and has interference control algorithm as well as quicker WiFi reconnect once disconnected
    Vision + Utility Pro Logger - Boost power and also flight data logger. Has 7th channel camera tilt (currently not working well)
    Phantom 2 Vision Range Booster

    Better GPS Reception

    Prop Guards
    Quick Release for Prop Guards
    Camera guards

    Mounting 7" Tablet

    Screen Recording Apps
    iRec - Apple
    Recordable - Android

    Tracking Locators
    MarcoPolo - 2 mile range
    TrackR - - 100' Bluetooth + CrowdSource App
    Tile - 100' Bluetooth + CrowdSource App, iPhone only
    Tagg - Subscription based GPS

    FlyTrex Live streaming data logger and tracker.

    Dashware - Integrates telemetry data from FlyTrex or Vision+ Utility Data Logger onto your videos

    Ground Station Unlimited way points and range plus increased mission speed

    Tall/Wide Landing gears

    Other Props

    Aftermarket Batteries

    Phantom vs Nazi mode

    FPV Goggles

    Encrypt WiFi repeater

    7th Channel camera tilt

    Using PS3 DualShock Controls for Camera Tilt-Rec-Pic-Radar etc

    Waterproofing your Phantom

    Tx batteries

    All Firmware/Software/App version

    Smooth Yaw mod Slows down yaw speed for better/smoother pans

    T-Motor Anti-Gravity Motors



    Camera Lens (RageCam)

    SD Cards