Feb 1, 2014
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Indy, USA
Believe it or not there are some that actually have a difficult time figuring out what a Phantom 3 is. UAS stands for "Unmanned Aerial System" which is what the P3 is, and not a "All Terran Vehicle".

Now obviously when we purchase our P3's they are ours to do with as we please. Whether it's modifying them to fly further, faster, longer, or safer, they are ours.

Dji manufactured these quads with one purpose in mind. To be flying cameras used as tools to advance technology to levels never before seen. Most common is to take pictures and video in a way we have not been able to before hand. A possible use could be 3D & 4D mapping for agriculture, and more.

And then comes those who are on a completely different agenda. Possibly a teenager/young adult that a parent bought a Phantom Advance or Phantom Professional for their child as a toy to get them out of the house. They then do little to monitor what these children are doing, or what trouble they could be getting into. A kid will get bored and burnt out quickly and begin doing things with their P3's that they really weren't built for. Such as, aerial stunts and flips where the camera and gimbals are slapping from side to side. Just a lack of respect and not much appreciation whatsoever.

I can guarantee that neither of these two quads are toys. If you choose to fly your quad in such a way that have taken it for granted and tear it up, you should also learn to fix it on your own. Or better yet sell it to someone more responsible and then buy more Xbox and Ps4 games.

And this here can be for anyone that might make the mistake of taking their quad for granted. Should you do this, just know it wont be long and you will get bitten from it. You do a $100 mod and now you manage to fly 3-4 never before miles. You can bet it will just be a matter of time and you will be without, or have something not worth much. I happen to know from experience, and it doesn't leave you with a very good feeling. You really do have to expect the unexpected.

Have fun and don't let those gremlins get you.

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