TV station claims drone nearly collided with their new chopper.s

Yeah... It was up around 20,00 FEET!!!! It HAD to have been going at least 75MPH and it was MUCH bigger than a breadbox!!!

If a large hawk or eagle were twice as close to the chopper as the quad, the story would have been a nice touchy feely nature piece. Media idiots make Jesus cry...

Looks to me that the quad was flying under the 400 ft limit as required. Hmmm how low were the choppers flying ? Were they in the quads airspace ? Yea FCC let us know every thing looked on the up and up to me. May be the quad got some good shots of the helicopters too. Come on let's stop the bad press.
If they even see a quad that looks the size of a gnat's package, from their perspective, It gets all blown out of proportion. Take some credible photos showing the transgression and people will start taking you seriously. The media just doesn't need to shoulder that burden of proof. We SAW A QUAD... IN THE AIR... FROM OUR COPTER!!! Oh me... oh my... call a news conference... (urp!)

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Newsworthy event. Drone gets there first. Helicopters show up. Drone descends and returns home.

From my view, everything happened the way it was supposed to.
I read the article and watched the vid...

Isn't this a bit of a false statement, or contradictory terms?
"Our chopper pilot says the drone came very close to his helicopter. He also captured some footage of the device "'flying low and away from him'."

Didn't ever, look close at all, from my perspective...
Perhaps just another Slow news day? And we are the scapegoats.

Seems like, the good old days, and the good ol' boys networks, are nearly numbered.
Gone are the days of renting or buying an expensive helicopter and hiring a pilot to fly the beast.
When you can send up an inexpensive drone, and get the job done quicker and at a much cheaper initial cost.

Cheaper initial cost, and cheaper ON GOING cost
That quad was moving !!
a rush.gif
You sure like him, so Where's the flaming Ghost Rider motorcycle? ;-)

I want some footage of that, from above, beside it or even up close
from the rear..... Of Eva Mendes... Hahaha

Know what I mean?

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Ohh la la :p

Wonder if that' going to stay...
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Ok, you win...
But truly Nothing to see there, but a Latino tan...
We see much more than that at West Edmonton Mall Water Park.
But for a real look see, You should come up to Canada, & check out Wreck Beach in Vancouver BC... Plenty of "eye candy"!
Yeah, it's clothing optional...

Ok, come in for a close up, Eva...

Awesome... One for the prudes!!


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