Those P2 ownders who preordered the P3 - Are you keeping your P2?

Will you keep your P2?

  • I will keep my P2

    Votes: 17 45.9%
  • I will sell my P2

    Votes: 11 29.7%
  • I will hand down my P2 to an acquaintance

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • I'm not sure yet

    Votes: 7 18.9%

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Mar 23, 2015
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Just curious to see - I've pre-ordered a P3P, and currently have a P2V3+ v3.0. Not sure what I'm going to do; I'm thinking if I sell my P2 it would be for a decent loss.
I'm considering a P3 quite seriously but might wait till the rush is over. I'll definitely keep the P2. I've sunk so much money and time into it, that I'd never get a fraction of that back, especially now as it will be seen as a previous model, and so just lost a heap of value straight up.
Selling your P2 for anything would really be a gain. Keeping it and never using it again would result in the greatest loss.
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Seeing that I had a P2V+ (V2) since last August with a spare battery - I sold it the day before the P3 release for $1000 as I knew the longer I waited the less I'd get for it...and I needed the money to get the P3 as I can't afford both!
Selling your P2 for anything would really be a gain. Keeping it and never using it again would result in the greatest loss.

That is true. I guess I wonder to myself if I might still fly it sometimes, or if someone close to me might want to. Maybe I'm kidding myself.
Hah -- you're already planning your crashes ahead of time ;)
Mine wasn't really sold but returned. Since the the P3A costs less than what I paid for the P2V+ V3 it was a no brainer. I'd rather have 2 P3's than a P2V+ V3 and a P3 since that's what I'd have had in it to get an additional P3.
I've gone back and forth on this topic - for now I've decided to keep my +v3 but might even cancel my P3P preorder and wait a bit. I think even with a P3P I would keep my +v3 and still fly it. Say, if I wanted a still image located in a precarious location, or video while flying under a bridge, or maybe adding a fisheye sequence to a montage of other videos...

...or, to have something to fly if either of my Phantoms goes on it's own journey...
Yeah it is a tough call. But it might be nice to have the backup as @ednovanl says. Shoot I just got my P2 in January and didn't fly the maiden flight until later in the month after practicing much with the X5C.
It's a difficult decision. I have an almost new P2v+ that I have invested a lot of time and money in as I've modified it to stage 4. I also have four battery's for it. I like the idea of flying long range and my P2v+ achives 3k easily now. I'm not sure the P3 will be able to achieve the same distance here in the UK as I was reading earlier that DJI are restricting the signal strength on P3's for EU country's?
gonna keep my p2 vision + v3.0 Can't get much for it anyway. Hope to get the wife to use it. Additionally, if I wait 6 months or so for the P3 wrinkles to start getting resolved, my P2 will likely to have had a crash, fly away, or something by then. Just thinking, I know I am planning for the worst but it did give me some great video and taught me to fly. Not all bad.
Just sold my old P2V+ yesterday!
I'd bought it used a few months ago and sold it for the same price I paid for it, I guess I was lucky this time!
My Vplus (with H33d and gopro mod) is almost a year old and still doing well. Problem with selling used phantoms is everyone thinks you've crashed them. I rather keep her than have someone accuse her of bouncing of the pavement or swimming with the fish or dancing with the branches.
Yes I'll Keep My P2 v3, but with all the promised features of the P3, I don't think I'll be using it much. Maybe I'll let a fried use it and get them hooked. Ordered my P3 on the 11th, going to be a long wait.
Keeping my P2 Vision + v3 and P2v2. Ordered P3Pro on day 1. I've been lucky with both my quads and had no issues despite having over 60 flights with them. I'll keep them just in case I do have problems with the new bird. I also get excellent still photos from my V+ so I may use it for that purpose and the P3Pro for video.
May sell P-1 with Fat Shark goggles, no gimbal setup, but keep P-2NV, gimbal and iPad ground station.
I just bought P3A with extra battery, expect to ship week of May 9th
I plan on keeping my p2v+ v1. I put a lot of money into it. I'm sure I won't get back what I put in if I tried to sell it ... not to mentioned seems to be a flood of p2v+'s in the classified adds in every forum...eBay etc...
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