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Tarot T-2D Tilt contol problems with dji phantom

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by Lumpia_And_Rice, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Lumpia_And_Rice

    Jun 10, 2014
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    I spent way too much time trying to hook up my tarot t2d gimbal to the (7th channel) tilt lever of my phantom 1.1.1 transmitter. The gimbal is working fine. But when I slide the tilt lever nothing happens. What am I doing wrong!?!?

    This is what I did :
    - Gimbal powered using the grey and red aux cable built in the Phantom.
    - Plugged white servo cable to the T-pin on the Tarot board and to the bottom pin of the F2 slot on the phantom controller.
    -Plugged the black servo cable to the minus pin on the Tarot board and to the top pin of the F2 slot on the phantom controller.
    -Turned on the gimbal control on the NAZA assistant.

    I tried to calibrate the X1 control on the NAZA assistant but it won't detect any movements when I move the lever. It seems like the 7th channel is not activated.

    Any help to get the tilt to work is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Coons84

    May 2, 2014
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    Are you using the dji tilt lever, plugged into the the top hole on the back of the transmitter? I installed mine but it wasn't making contact with the screw so had to take it apart and adjust it a little. Take apart the remote and manually try to turn the thing with a screw driver and see if you can calibrate it through the software, but that is why it's not working is because it's not noticing the x1
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