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Taking my P3P offshore fishing (~100mi out)

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by CP3, May 27, 2016.

  1. CP3


    May 19, 2016
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    So I've done a good bit of searching on this topic and just want to make sure I have everything covered:
    1) Calibrate compass on shore before we leave the dock (dock is ~150 miles from my normal flying area + another ~100 miles out into the Gulf for fishing spots).
    2) Hand launch and catch for takeoffs and landings.
    3) bump up my battery warnings and take VPS off
    4) set signal loss action to hover instead of RTH (wish I could disable RTH altogether)

    Now some quick questions, as I am still learning autopilot. My game plan is to plot a few routes to get 360 views of the boat, as well as some offshore platforms.

    - Being that platforms and rigs are basically floating chunks of metal with radio towers on them, what kind of interference problems am i looking at here?
    - Should we keep the boat Radar (and VHF???) turned off while the drone is in the air?
    - I am assuming I can disable RTH on signal loss with Autopilot just like I can with DJI go? If not, I will just set to dynamic home point and make sure I take over when it gets close.
    - Which ND filter should I be using?

    If I missed anything else, please point it out. I'm pretty comfortable with flights over land, just a little nervous being over 1000ft+ of saltwater so I want to have all my bases covered.

  2. Oso


    May 19, 2015
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    Western US
    I don't use Autopilot, but I thought that RTH was broken in that app. I don't know how or why, so hopefully someone can clarify.

    Also, is dynamic home point actually dynamic in Autopilot or do you need to manually set a new static home point as you do in the GO app?
    You still use some sort of Android tablet to fly, correct? If so, you should be good for GPS at the RC.
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  3. flyboy73

    Jan 16, 2016
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    Pine Island, SW Florida
    I would most certainly ask that the radar be turned off, and if the VHF is more than a couple watts, that too. I can't speak to Autopilot features as I don't use that. I have used a ND16 over the ocean with good results. Hand launch and recovery is an excellent idea, just be sure you have practiced that on land first for confidence. You will be nervous, that's only natural. Preparation and practice, always a good idea.
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