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  1. carr1976

    Sep 28, 2016
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    I have recently noticed that my video seems to be slightly turned left v. the phantom body (if that makes sense). So I calibrated the gimble but after calibration if I load a saved camera setting (I have one for video and one for photos) the gimble freaks out and immediately turns left about 30 degrees on either setting (not enough to see the landing gear in the video, but it remains there but tries to return to center but never does) and once even made a squeaking noise as it turned. Never crashed and always hand caught.

    On a side note DJI got the app to not say the setting couldnt be loaded (even tho they would) but now I have to go into the camera setting twice to see my custom named settings. the first time I see no text on the custom setting but when I go out then back in I see the two I made.

    should I abandon custom setting and just verify setting on each flight?
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