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Mar 17, 2017
Excellent condition Phantom 4 Drone
It looks like it is brand new still got the stickers on it.

Only for sale due to lack of use.

I got it for a project that never happened so it
is no longer needed

Only 2 hours flying time

5 batteries All hold a full charge I just recently tested them

Battery 1 4 charges
Battery 2 5 charges
Battery 3 6 charges
Battery 4 8 charges
Battery 5 11 charges

One of the batteries with 4 charges has some
scratches on the edge not a problem though.

It is the battery in the middle at the front to see it normally
I have also taken a close up picture as well to show it.
It looks worse than it is in the close up as you can
see from a normal picture.

The rest of the batteries look like new so does
the drone never crashed or dropped.

DJI carry box
Genuine DJI Backpack slight split in plastic about 2 or 3 cm
as you can see in the picture.

2 sets of Genuine DJI Chargers for remote and batteries

2 Genuine Charging hubs for 3 batteries 1 is brand new still in box

So you can charge everything at once as I planned to do.


Gimbal protector and foam holder

7 props 4 used 3 brand new I lost a new one somewhere will look for it

Asus Google Nexus tablet very bright screen better than a phone

DJI Phantom 4 Quick Start Guide
DJI Phantom 4 Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines Booklet
DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery
DJI Safety Guidelines Booklet

The whole lot as listed above for £975 open to offers GBP

Cash on collection I am based in Harrow Greater London

I want to sell it as a complete package unless I get firm offers to split.


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Mar 17, 2017

Phantom 4 Drone - The 4k Flying Camera
The Phantom 4 is an industry leading flying camera and in our option, one of the very best Quadcopters DJI have produced. This unique drone features collision avoidance with obstacle sensing technology and exceptional battery life.

The Phantom 4 quadcopter is the smartest camera drone from DJI, allowing you to frame and capture epic aerial images and video via phone or tablet. It is able to fly intelligently via tap commands and automatically creates unbroken tracking shots as well as independently avoiding obstacles, allowing peace of mind and a much more even flight. The remote controller is simple to use and gives you access to all the features of the drone.

Improved Battery Life with the Intelligent Flight Battery
According to DJI, the P4 is an impressive 25% more effective in terms of battery life than their previous model, the Phantom 3. They have achieved this laudable time extension by implementing an advanced propulsion system and streamlining the model’s overall design.

A high capacity battery and efficient design gives you upwards of 28 minutes’ worth of flight time when flying without reliance on satellite support. The charger will charge the battery both safely and efficiently. If you need a spare charger, please visit our DJI Spares page.

The new Intelligent Flight Battery has a 5350mAh capacity and weighs just 462 grams.
4K Camera Drone for Aerial Photography and Video Footage
Users are able to shoot 4K video at 30fps, full HD 1080p video at up to 120fps for beautiful slo-mo, and 12 megapixel photos in DNG RAW for editing purposes.

These great specs are a result of the quadcopter’s redesigned 8-element aspherical lens which acts to reduce any irritating fisheye distortion, allowing for higher corner sharpness and an all-round clearer end result.

Exciting New Features
DJI's latest drone is packed with settings to ensure your flight time is as varied as it is enjoyable, including some familiar features:
    • Satellite and Vision Positioning - provides up to 24 satellites plus the advanced Vision Positioning systems make for an effortless flight. The drone knows where it is, the exact location of the pilot, and is able to fly exactly as it’s told.
  • Intelligent Flight Modes - including Follow Me for aerial tracking, Course Lock for a strict movement pattern, Waypoints to set a course for your drone while you focus on filming, Home Lock to keep movements tied to a base location and Point of Interest which sets the quadcopter circling a specific area to allow for that perfect shot.
New Functions on the Phantom 4
There are also some exciting new additions to the Phantom 4 drone:
    • ActiveTrack - makes it a breeze to fly while keeping the Phantom 4's camera steady, even when pointed at a moving subject provided the Phantom 4 is at least 9ft in the air. Using advanced visual tracking capabilities to fully automate the process, ActiveTrack ensures you get that amazing shot.
    • TapFly - allows you to tap your mobile device’s screen to move in a specified direction and keep flying by tapping in other locations on the screen. TapFly also incorporates the Smart Return Home feature to bring your drone safely back to the Home Point.

New Flight Modes for the DJI Phantom 4
The latest DJI camera drone now has three modes accessible from the controller. Don't forget to add a monitor hood for your smartphone or tablet to improve visibility on your device in bright conditions. Position, Attitude and one of the model’s most exciting new additions, Sport:
  • Position - Gives you the ability to fully utilise the wide range of features included in this quadcopter drone.
  • Attitude - A real test for drone pilots, a manual setting which gives you full control whilst switching off satellite positioning, perfect for low light situations where the positioning cameras are unable to see or indoor flying when GPS might be more limited.
  • Sport - This mode is capable of taking the Phantom 4 up to 45mph, making flying even more fun. To ensure the reliability of this thrilling setting, DJI have added an integrated gimbal and moved the battery to shift the centre of gravity close to its core. Raised motors increase torque reaction and a reliable flight control system accurately controls the aircraft’s movement to make flight at high speeds safer.
A Much Safer Experience
With a solid combination of stereo cameras, proximity sensors, and image processing, DJI’s Phantom 4 quadcopter is the first mainstream drone to incorporate obstacle avoidance and object tracking.

Twin front-facing optical sensors detect any obstacles, so if anything gets in the Phantom’s way, it will either stop or find an alternate route around it which provides real peace of mind.

Control Gimbal, Camera and Flight From Your App
The DJI GO app provides a live video feed, full control of the integrated gimbal and camera, as well as access to all of the Phantom 4’s smart flight features including Follow Me, TapFly and ActiveTrack.

It also allows you to switch between the drone’s three modes: Position, Attitude and Sport, customising your experience on the go.

Available on both Apple and Android devices and compatible with a huge range of phones and tablets.
Phantom 4 Popular Accessories and Spares
Multifunctional Backpack
ND8, ND16 and UV Filters
Phantom 4 FAQs
How is the Camera better than previous DJI quadcopters?

The new camera has made significant improvements in the quality department. Images are clearer and more colourful, thanks to a 56% reduction in chromatic aberration and a 36% reduction in lens distortion. The new camera also adds a 120fps mode when recording in 1080p, allowing you to capture incredible slow motion videos with this quadcopter.

What is the new ActiveTrack feature for?

ActiveTrack is a brand new feature that DJI have introduced specifically for the Phantom 4. It allows the quadcopter to track a moving person, car or other object, without a separate GPS tracking unit. All you need to do to active ActiveTrack in the DJI GO Android or Apple app and select the target you want to follow.

What is TapFly?

Another brand new feature, TapFly allows your drone to fly in any direction you like, with a single tap of your finger, without having to use the controller. When Obstacle Avoidance is turned on, the aircraft will dodge any obstacles in its path automatically and stop if necessary.

How does the Obstacle Sensing System work?

Two small extra cameras scan the area in front of the drone. Whenever the current flight path is blocked, the Obstacle Sensing System will send a command to the quadcopter to slow down, hover or adjust course, depending on the nature of the obstacle. It can sense objects anywhere from 0.7 to 15 meters away which is a pretty impressive range!

Is the Remote different to the previous Phantom remote?

It certainly is! The Phantom 4 remote controller includes a sport mode, as well as the two new modes that weve already discussed, ActiveTrack and TapFly. The brand new Sport mode brings the top speed up to 44 mph. The last major difference is the addition of the Pause button, which lets the pilot hover the aircraft at any point in time with a single button.

Do the motors have any new features?

Yes, primarily the fact that the motors on the Phantom 4 work with the very latest Push and Release propellers, making them easier to maintain. In addition, the new propellers are designed to handle rapid changes in motor speed. This, in turn, allows the new Phantom to be much nimbler when compared to previous DJI drones.

Why is there a redundant IMU and compass on this quadcopter?

DJI have added a redundant compass and a redundant IMU to this drone. These extra features allow the quadcopter to compare data from different on-board sensors, to ensure that only extremely accurate data is collected.
How likely is the Phantom 4 to survive a crash?
The Phantom 4 has a very resilient case, which means it's more likely to survive a low altitude crash than previous Phantom models. However, if you use the quadcopter correctly, you'll minimise risks of a crash.
Can I use the Phantom 4 for commercial work?
Of course - but make sure you have the relevant permissions from the CAA. Please see our Drone Training page for more information.

Do you offer Phantom 4 Finance?

Of course - as with all Heliguy's high priced products you can apply for interest free credit through our partner, Pay4Later.

What are delivery times like for the Phantom 4 in the UK?

Heliguy can dispatch the same day when ordering before 2pm and provide totally FREE next day delivery to the UK.

Where can I find a review of this quadcopter?

Luckily for your our own blog has an in-depth Phantom 4 Review and a comparison with previous drones here.
How long does the battery take to charge?
Anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes. We advise charging the batteries when they dip under 10% charge.
Where is my footage saved, on the SD card or my mobile device?
All footage and stills taken on the Phantom 4's camera are saved to the SD card in the camera, but they can be quickly imported to your mobile device via the DJI GO app.

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