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slow camera tilt on startup...

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Help' started by Joseph Kennedy, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Joseph Kennedy

    Apr 27, 2015
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    ...and then the gimbal goes whacko cycling back and forth in the same direction as the tilt. The camera rights itself on power-on, then does the tilt thing and then the cycles. This all after a hard landing, but nothing (apparently) broken. Any ideas? Fyi, I did the gimbal drive inspection, suggested in a related thread, but this model has a d shaped shaft and seems to be aligned properly. I also notice that the flat camera base and the gimbals seem hot, but I don't know what "normal" is. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. bbfpv

    Feb 3, 2015
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    Long Island, NY
    It'll get hot if it's continuously moving like you say, which isn't a problem when the props are spinning because it acts like active cooling. Can you still control the camera? Double check that the ribbon cable and the 4 pin cable are properly seated and snapped in. Other than that, I'd say probably requires servicing.
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